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Without elaborating on the technical differences, because I'm probably not qualified to give a full answer in that respect, I'll answer the first part. The reason butterfly has a higher peak speed is that you are pulling with both arms at once. When
To swim front crawl with the greatest efficiency and prevent neck injuries, you need to properly position your head and roll your body. This article explains the correct swimming technique to be able to do this. Use a neutral head position in front c
Floating, and getting control of floating isn't very hard, but it can take a lot of practice. If you don't have much body fat, you're already predisposed to sink, but managing your position well, and your breathing will help you overcome low body fat
It's a difficult question to answer accurately because it depends so much on how good her dive technique is. Age, strength and technique will make a big difference to how much benefit is gained from a dive start versus pushing off the wall. For examp
I own a 5. 18m Sea-Kayak. Obviously a sit-in type with a watertight spray skirt
I don't know how you are expecting to float, really. Humans do float, even in fresh water, but only barely. Try it for yourself next time at the pool
Please tell us how your race went! But to answer the question, to become good at long distances like the 2. 5k, you need at least two things. You already have one of them: you have done the distance in practice
A survival float-also know as a deadman float or jellyfish float–is when you relax your body, over-inflate your lungs, and try to stay afloat using natural buoyancy by either laying out on your back or your front. On your front you obviously need to
Underwater dolphin kicks are often considered "the fastest way of swimming". Dave Berkoff introduced underwater swimming and won Olympic golds in 1988. Rules were changed and now only allow for 15 m underwater after start/turns
Differing suits might provide a benefit, but I think that would be offset by your overall skill level. Older swimsuits and skins increased the amount of drag on the body, which is a bad thing for competitive swimming. I noticed a big difference in dr