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Without elaborating on the technical differences, because I'm probably not qualified to give a full answer in that respect, I'll answer the first part. The reason butterfly has a higher peak speed is that you are pulling with both arms at once. When
No, your elbow should absolutely not be locked when you make contact with the ball. Your arm should be nearly straight but with a slight bend at the point of contact, never completely locked. This will allow for your arm to move fluidly through the s
The problem is you're trying to detect key presses in FixedUpdate() instead of Update(). GetKeyDown() is only true on the one game frame where the key is first registered as down. Update() is run for every frame, where FixedUpdate() runs at a fixed r
With your action, go back to whatever feels natural. Don't think about what your doing too much just bowl, you'll need to practice it for a while to get it consistent. For your run up, I'd experiment to find something that works for you
Here is a somewhat different idea. I used this road bike bar tape for a pair tennis racquets, with fantastic results on all fronts: appearance, durability, comfort, control, thickness and vibration/shock absorption. This tape will not lose grip even
To swim front crawl with the greatest efficiency and prevent neck injuries, you need to properly position your head and roll your body. This article explains the correct swimming technique to be able to do this. Use a neutral head position in front c
In general, I think the grip you use on any of your shots might be a little different depending on whether you're an advanced player or a beginning player. The "choke up" grip shown in that video on volleys looks fine and probably helps beginning ten
A hockey puck is a very flat cylinder. We may compute very easily the Moment of Inertia of a hockey puck in both the axis of symmetry (going through the center of the puck from top to bottom) and the central axis (going through the sides of the puck)
I often need to hit balls with my back to the opponent. If this really is "often" then you are doing something very wrong. You either need to stop coming up to the net on weak approach shots that are easy to lob over your head or you need to adjust y
In summary, we have this picture. This picture shows the ball kicked from the right because the wind is heading towards the left. (Let's ignore for now the possibility of strong tailwinds