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Let's have a look at what's going on here: When you kayak across a river it's not as simple as going straight from A to B. The flow acts on the boat and you get pushed down-stream like this: It looks like you've been getting pushed down-stream but tu
To put things in context, lets start by talking about what board is best for beginners. Board choice is one of the most misunderstood topics for beginners. Throwing the question out on google generally results in bad information (often by surf shops
I think there is a push to get rid of the ball quickly. Due to the reasons you stated. However there are successful QB's that have slower release times than the league average
I throw darts fairly regularly. When you say that your feet were parallel to the oche, did you mean perpendicular? If you stand with your feet parallel, then you'll be facing the board straight on and it will be very hard to do this. Here's my sugges
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In designing this typology, my most important choice was the basis for groupings. Choosing the way the ball is struck had a profound effect on the result. For example, return of serve, a vitally important shot, does not even appear
I think any time you teach throwing to children you should try and make it simple and understandable. Some good teaching points: Feet shoulder-width apart. Your lead shoulder should be facing your target
Unfortunately, I've played too little tennis to give you an expert answer, but I'll give it a go anyway. The two main differences that I can think of are these: (1) The distance to the ball In squash, you generally want to stand closer to the ball wh
Interesting, this depends on what kind of boat you're in. I'm going to guess that you're in a sit-on-top or something similar and/or have a much heavier person in the back? It this case the turning is probably down to the wind acting directly on the
Yes, the wiki is talking about the heel brake. The first thing I would advice is remove the heel brake(s). Learn to brake without