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I spent perhaps more time than I should have this morning during my swim thinking about your question. I think that there may be a number of different things to think about here. On getting out of breath quickly: (1) you are learning to swim, so it i
It's not surprising at all, and actually completely normal, that you had trouble with your transition from one skate to another. Here's why: Figure skates and hockey skates are completely different styles of skates. Figure skate boots can have a high
Stretch: stretching is important to do before any physical activity especially figure skating. Stretch enough that your muscles feel comfortably loose but, not too much that your muscles have lost their elasticity. Recommended stretches: board stretc
The answer itself is this: on the ice you create rotation the same way you do on normal ground - by spinning yourself (by creating angular momentum). Ever heard of "an object in motion stays in motion?" That applies to angular momentum (rotation), to
Disclaimer: I am not a college-trained swimmer or professional, just a reasonably skilled amateur front crawl swimmer. My guess is that your main problem is not your body's shape, nor too little speed, but simply that you cannot maintain a horizontal
This article is about the internationally played mixed-gender contact sport. For the fictional sport played in Harry Potter, see Quidditch. Quidditch[2] is a sport of two teams of seven players each mounted on broomsticks played on a hockey rink-size
You can run forever…Your bike fitness is exceptional…But each lap of the pool leaves you gasping for air like Houdini after a breath hold. Have you ever wondered why this happens even though you’re a fit person? There’s three main reasons this happen
By Helyn TrickeySpecial to CNN Some critics suggest President Bush's NCLB law has led to fewer hours for P. E. at schools across the country
Going so near the crease makes no-balls more likely. Disadvantages : A penalty run is given away. Maybe more runs if the batsman can hit it
You're 5'9" and 165-- you may be overfat but you're actually technically in the normal weight range still by BMI. (I believe you have extra fat on you, of course.