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Interesting, this depends on what kind of boat you're in. I'm going to guess that you're in a sit-on-top or something similar and/or have a much heavier person in the back? It this case the turning is probably down to the wind acting directly on the
There is no right or optimal place to hit a ball on the tennis racket that applies to everyone. Everyone plays differently and looks to get a different type of result out of each shot. I'm definitely no expert on the physics of tennis, but I can tell
With my website it's always been my goal to keep my instruction as SIMPLE as possible. Too much information and your potential will not be fully reached. In the photos below, I have highlighted three points in each pointing out what I feel are best p
This is a big issue that I am having when I am doing snowboarding runs on powder. Usually, when there is fresh powder from overnight or accumulation during the day, I tend to "trip over" and lose my balance over accumulated powder debris. What type o
A Colles’ wrist fracture occurs when the radius bone in your forearm breaks. It’s also known as a distal radius fracture, transverse wrist fracture, or a dinner-fork deformity of the wrist. It’s named after Abraham Colles, who wrote a paper on this t
Regarding FIFA's official transfer laws, international transfer of minors is not allowed if the player is under the age of 18 (which is the definition of a minor). There are 3 exceptions, as explained in Article 19 of FIFA Regulations on the Status a
I suspect this may not be the answer you were hoping for, but here it is. Based on your question, I am going to assume that you are still learning some techniques and that you have not yet reached a level of advanced proficiency at the guitar, and th
Tennis vs Badminton Both badminton and tennis are racket sports and popular all over the world. They are played either individually or in teams of two. However, the similarities between badminton and tennis end there
10. Acupuncture It also stimulates the release of a variety of hormones that help body to respond to injury and stress. In some cases it has shown improved sleep(deeper/more hours)Some Physical disorders that can be treated with acupuncture are; Head