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I often need to hit balls with my back to the opponent. If this really is "often" then you are doing something very wrong. You either need to stop coming up to the net on weak approach shots that are easy to lob over your head or you need to adjust y
Men have played 5 set matches and women 3. However from 1984-1998 women did play 5 set matches to conclude the year. Men and women just recently have been paid the same for their matches in tournaments
Edit: To answer the edited question: yes, these same rules are followed by all ATP/WTA and Grand Slam matches. The ATP/WTA adopted their practices from the Grand Slams.
Updated 10th June 2016 I just compiled a list of top 10 best table tennis rackets which I think is ideal for most people especially for intermediate player. The list will covered those famous brands of best table tennis paddle manufacturers by pickin
To answer this, I would refer you to a message thread over at the men's tennis forums site where somebody did the research on these kinds of scorelines since 1980. See here. On the women's side of tennis, I'm sure this has happened many times where t
As far as I know, the ATP and WTA rankings work approximately this way: Each week the points for the tournaments played that week are added. The points for tournaments more than 52 weeks old are dropped. (Of course, there are more complicated rules a
Of the 4 majors - Roland Garros (clay) seems to me to have produced the biggest share of "one slam wonders" or, players that only one 1 grand slam title. Some recent names that come to mind are Gaston Gaudio, Albert Costa and Andres Gomez. "Who?", yo
In my time at Bedford School in England and the time that I played Junior Rugby in Sri Lanka, I played as a full back. I was able to kick, drop kick, place kick, without any effort, maybe because of my soccer background. I remember very well how my h
Link to this interactive To achieve a great serve, the first step is to get the ball above your head in the prime position for hitting it. Perfect your ball toss first and you will find the full serve much easier. Place the ball in your non-racket ha