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Knowing how to play a sport doesn't mean that you can't benefit from high level coaching. Professional soccer and basketball players know how to play their sports as well, but they still benefit from having a coach, as do athletes in track & fiel
The ATP Rankings, as defined by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), are the "objective merit-based method used for determining qualification for entry and seeding in all tournaments for both (male) singles and doubles, except as modified f
Ah, the old debate about the 5th set tiebreaker. Some love it, some hate it. If you were to ask the players themselves, I think most would prefer the 5th set to end in a tiebreak so that you don't potentially end up with a 5th set score of something
you and I have a lot in common - playing both table tennis and regular tennis. My answer to this question (from years of observing the effects of playing both sports) is both yes and no. Some things are the same (and help across both sports) and some
The ATP Masters series 1000 is the premier event in Men's tennis after the 4 Grand Slams. 1000 signifies the ranking points earned by the winner. There are a total of 9 Masters 1000 events throughout the year
A prime candidate - Jana Novatna (but not for the infamous Wimbledon final against Steffi Graf). Rather, I’d argue it’s Novatna and Chanda Rubin’s third round match at the 1995 French Open. After splitting the first two sets, the pair went to a third
In designing this typology, my most important choice was the basis for groupings. Choosing the way the ball is struck had a profound effect on the result. For example, return of serve, a vitally important shot, does not even appear
I wanted to come back and add an answer to this question because it happened again this week (27 Apr 2015) in a Challenger event in Tallahassee involving Facundo Bagnis of Argentina. You can find the draw for the 2015 event on their Facebook Page, or
At Wimbledon for example, they sell the balls! Not sure about other tournaments but I assume they do likewise. http://www. wimbledon
It depends on the sport; some have very strictly defined rules for "amateur" versus "professional". Golf is one of them, and I believe tennis also makes this distinction. Basically, if you've ever been paid to play the game, or have accepted a prize