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As explained here on the ITF Tennis website, you're pretty much right. There's two different "types" of grades, A, B, and C, as well as 1-5. Grades A, B, and C represent different types of competitions as follows: Grade A: Top-tier tournaments - four
Many players who are still eligible to play as juniors already enter enter senior tournaments. It is not uncommon to see, that some player plays qualifying at Grand Slam tournament and if they do not qualify, then they enter boys/girls competition. I
There are definitely different strategies involved in doubles (of course) but the skill sets don't vary that much between doubles and singles. In both cases you need to serve well, volley well, return well, etc. In singles, players generally come to
Suppose you're down a couple break points in a set, so you have no reasonable chance of winning it. You are serving in what would be the sixth (and set) game for your opponent. If you win the game, your opponent will have to serve for the sixth game,
Why allow such a "bye?" Because it's not really a bye per se. A "Bye" is awarded to a certain level of seeded player to allow them to advance automatically to the second round of a tournament by virtue of them having attained such a high ranking. By
The serve in tennis can be a difficult shot to learn for beginners, but it is worth persevering with, as once you have mastered how to serve in tennis, it can give you a big advantage over your opponent. It is the only shot that you will play in tenn
Of the 4 majors - Roland Garros (clay) seems to me to have produced the biggest share of "one slam wonders" or, players that only one 1 grand slam title. Some recent names that come to mind are Gaston Gaudio, Albert Costa and Andres Gomez. "Who?", yo
NOTE: This cannot be considered as a complete answer, since I wasn't able to find the record for WTA matches and also some sources I found contradict each other. But I am posting at least the information I was able to find, hoping that someone might
Weight A lighter racquet allows greater ease and speed of movement. However, for hitting the shots, a light racquet requires greater effort on the the arm. Otherwise, a heavier racquet offers more power on the ball, without affecting the arm as much