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The technical author Forrest Mims III likes to point out that LEDs make light detectors if you shine light on them. Preferrably of the same or slighly shorter wavelength than they emit. They make fair sensors and actually have pretty fast response ti
"In tennis, having the right to "serve" (put in play) the ball is a decided advantage, so players alternate serves between games, sharing this advantage. Between two almost evenly matched players, whoever serves will win most games, by "holding serve
In cricket, the term carry the bat (or carry one's bat) refers to an opening batsman who is not dismissed ("not out") when the team innings is closed. The term is mainly used when the innings closes after all 10 wickets have fallen; that is, the othe
http://www. newyorker. com/reporting/2013/09/02/130902fa_fact_collins 1, does this mean he quickly goes back to the corners from the center to hit those attacks that land so close to the baseline? 2, dig up a drop shot
It is a method is used in cricket to calculate the target score when the match is interrupted and the required quota is not completed. Most of the time this is used for matches which were stopped due to rain. An alternative method for this is Jayadev
You can enjoy wakeboarding on lakes, rivers or on the sea. Riders are able to perform awesome BIG AIR tricks, whilst being towed behind a boat, with the use of larger wakes. The rider stands sideways on a shorter, wider board similar in concept to a
A hat-trick or hat trick in sports is the achievement of a positive feat three times in a game, or another achievement based on the number three in some sports. In association and rugby football, the scoring of two goals or tries by one individual in
The IAAF doesn't have a formal editorial style guide for the relative use of these terms, so in practice they're interchangeable as Ben Miller answered. I'd be interested to see if there are similar synonyms in French and Italian, as French is also a
A block occurs when a front-row player close to the net reaches higher than the net and contacts the ball as it is coming over from the opponent. A block attempt is when the blocker reaches higher than the net but does not contact the ball, and a com
Sachin Tendulkar has always been the most discussed sportsman in India, attracting both media and public attention ever since his Test debut against Pakistan in 1989. There has been no other sportsperson who has constantly lived under public scrutiny