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The front office or reception is an area where visitors arrive and first encounter a staff at a place of business. Front office staff will deal with whatever question the visitor has, and put them in contact with a relevant person at the company. Bro
Leg Spin from a bowler can be varied as Googly, Top Spinner, slider and flipper. To bowl a googly, you grip the ball the same as you would for a leg break but hold it so your palm faces away from you. As you bowl, you bring your elbow close to your h
A half volley in tennis is a shot that is hit immediately after the ball bounces but before it reaches the apex of its bounce. It is sometimes called an "on the rise shot", or "short hop". Technique[edit] The player who is hitting the half volley sho
What is the difference between a chinaman bowler and a leg-spinner?The trajectories and direction of both the deliveries are the same. The trajectories and direction of both deliveries are not same. A leg spinner bowls right-arm with a wrist spin act
Introduction to FCE Paper 3 Part Four Many students consider this to be the hardest part of the exam. 15 minutes to do Part Four * The Irish man insisted on paying for our drinks. Typical Questions Training Exercises The most frequently recurring mod
An example of the relationship between hyponyms and hypernym In linguistics, a hyponym (from Greek hup
The answer LifeHacks gave is correct but somewhat incomplete. What you are asking is a winger that plays on the "wrong" side judging by the foot preference. Typically you'd want a left-footed player to play on the left side and a right footed player
It means the team without the ball, moves higher up the pitch to put pressure on the team with the ball, with the idea of getting the ball back or forcing the other team to make a mistake. Say, teamA has the ball near their own goal. Then teamB will
The Golden Boot or Golden Shoe Award goes to the top goalscorer of the FIFA World Cup. While every World Cup had a ranking of the goalscorers, the first time an award was given was in 1982, under the name Golden Shoe. It was rechristened Golden Boot
What is ball tampering in cricket? How can we say ball is tampered? As per law 42 (Fair and unfair play) (emphasis mine): 3