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This is covered in Law 41 section 3. It states: *If a protective helmet belonging to the fielding side is on the ground within the field of play, and the ball while in play strikes it, the ball shall become dead and, except in the circumstances of La
It depends on the sport; some have very strictly defined rules for "amateur" versus "professional". Golf is one of them, and I believe tennis also makes this distinction. Basically, if you've ever been paid to play the game, or have accepted a prize
You've got it right. Payoff pitch basically means that there's going to be a result. It does preclude a foul ball, which can extend the at bat, but foul balls can extend other at bats that are not in "pay-off pitch" position, for example an 0-2, 1-2
The Baltimore Chop is so named because its origins were in the late 1800s Baltimore Orioles. This blog post by Roar34 discusses it in some detail, along with the other antics the Orioles got up to back then. Unfortunately the article that blog post r
Yellow and red cards were first introduced into the game of table tennis in 1991. Yellow and red cards are shown by umpires and referees to players and coaches who break the rules or misbehave during the course of a match or tournament. Rule 3
There are several different catagories in racing. Maiden races are restricted to horses which have never won a race. There are 2 kinds of Maiden races Maiden Special Weight Maiden Claiming claiming means the horse has a price tag on him and can be "b
It's nothing to do with cricket, in Australian slang 'boof' means head, typically used to refer to someone with a big head. Sometimes the term 'boofhead' is used, referring to someone big, burly and maybe a little bit stupid (or at least simple minde
At its core, what a 'rebuilding' team means is that it's going through a losing stretch that's expected, because it doesn't have the tools needed to be competitive. As such: Expensive free agents are avoided. Young kids are given a better chance to p
What does it mean to be "adult" today? I'm intrigued by this question. Or more accurately, I'm intrigued that we're asking the question. When I was growing up in the late 1970s/early 1980s, "adult" meant you were done with your education and had sett
From Wikipedia A hat-trick occurs in cricket when a bowler dismisses three batsmen with consecutive deliveries. The deliveries may be interrupted by an over bowled by another bowler from the other end of the pitch or the other team's innings, but mus