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NOTE: My answer is not specific to snooker, but attempts to provide insight toward what, I believe, you are experiencing. Consistency comes from practice, practice, practice. As a golfer, I have experienced performances you have had in snooker
Choosing not to choose One of the deepest understanding you need to have to become really good in squash is movement into the court. The best analogy to explain the deep concept that you need to use in order to move perfectly in the squash court is i
As a last note, speed training is always done right after a proper warm-up consisting of mobility and flexibility, some activation exercises together with some running and skipping drills. With that being said, speed training is always performed at t
You can swim 14 times a week, like all swimmers have done at many occasions, if you want. "Rest days" in swimming is when you only go once and only 5k instead of 7. Really, the talk about rest days is probably something they came up with in a bodybui
Here's a video that really outlines a lot of the exercises that will help. I have done some of them myself to condition for being a keeper. These all should be of great help to gaining core strength
Snellen chart - Children should have 20/20 by 6yo Normal - Sharp disc margins - Disc round & regular - Physiologic cup should NOT take up more than 50% of optic disc - Veins easier to see than arteries Abnormal - AV nicking = HTN retinopathy - Pa
Foot size has nothing to do with your power. In freestyle, your kick power is a ton of your propulsion; it's not all about the pull. Two things might help here:1a) Time yourself on 2 x 100's
Photo by gabyuSwimming laps at the pool is a great workout, but how do you track how far you have gone? Especially when swimming laps continuously without breaks, it can become very easy to forget which lap that you are on and to get your count messe
My daughter is 7. She loves swimming and joined a proper club about 6 months ago. She has also continued taking lessons with her brother who is a little behind her, just because she enjoys it
Let’s get out of the blocks straight away, with our fast-twitch fibres blazing; on the ‘B’ of the bang, as Colin Jackson once put it! There are more than 250 million muscle fibres in our bodies and more than 430 muscles that we can control voluntaril