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Does anyone know some good cool down games for gymnastics? It is for around 15 children and 2 floor strips
300m should not make that much of an effect for average sports, but higher than that, the effect grows gradually, there are reports of people suffering from altitude sickness when ventured higher than 2400m. Altitude training has been used by athlete
There is no one-true way to shoot in football, the only correct way is the way that works (i. e. the way you can score the most with)
Let's have a look at what's going on here: When you kayak across a river it's not as simple as going straight from A to B. The flow acts on the boat and you get pushed down-stream like this: It looks like you've been getting pushed down-stream but tu
I own a 5. 18m Sea-Kayak. Obviously a sit-in type with a watertight spray skirt
I don't know how you are expecting to float, really. Humans do float, even in fresh water, but only barely. Try it for yourself next time at the pool
In designing this typology, my most important choice was the basis for groupings. Choosing the way the ball is struck had a profound effect on the result. For example, return of serve, a vitally important shot, does not even appear
Please tell us how your race went! But to answer the question, to become good at long distances like the 2. 5k, you need at least two things. You already have one of them: you have done the distance in practice
Hal Higdon has a ton of training plans. Here's his one for multiple marathons. http://www
I would suggest maintaining a healthy diet and doing some plyometrics in addition to your running. When I began to do plyometrics before competing in track meets, I started to see pretty significant results considering the short amount of time needed