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Free Diving Wetsuits Although specialising in triathlon equipment the company has recently branched out into the sport of free diving with the Orca Free, their advanced free diving wetsuit. This suit was made in collaboration with free dive world rec
I Have Tiny Red Worms in My Above-Ground Pool, What Should I Do & Where Did They Come From? Print this article;. .
Take your inseam measurement to determine frame size. Stand with your feet 6 inches apart and measure from the inside of your foot up to where your leg meets your waist, between your crotch and inner thigh, in inches. Multiply this number by
On a recent visit to the University of Colorado, Boulder, I saw some students playing a sport I've never seen before. I'll do my best to describe it. On a grass field, a rectangle is marked out with string, about 5m by 10m
Initially, it seems to have been an accident. The bike leg went in the middle because the bike course for the Around-Oahu Bike Race joined the location for the Waikiki Rough Water to the start of the Honolulu Marathon. I suppose they could have done