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In the Tour, a colored jersey is generally associated with each prize, and the current holder of the prize is required to wear the jersey when racing. The rider leading a classification at the end of a stage is required to wear the corresponding jers
The most difficult hole on the course is about 400 metres, bordered by tall, thick poplars and characterised by an almost persistent headwind. The players have to be very careful in the placement of the tee shot in a fairway channelled through the tr
Athletes have competed as Independent Olympians at the Olympic Games for various reasons, including political transition, international sanctions, suspensions of National Olympic Committees and compassion. Independent athletes have come from the Repu
In baseball, a pitcher can commit a number of illegal motions or actions that constitute a balk. Most of these violations involve a pitcher pretending to pitch when he has no intention of doing so. In games played under the Official Baseball Rules, a
The Austrian Grand Prix bore witness once again to a clash between Mercedes AMG Petronas team mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, costing the former two penalty points on his licence and a further 10 seconds added to his race time at the end of th
The Tennessee Volunteers football program (variously called "Tennessee", "Vols", or "UT") represents the University of Tennessee (UT) in the sport of American football. The Volunteers compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Col
Judo is giving traditionally two bronze medals in all events - Olympic Judo included. It is true that the bracket system used is producing two bronze medals, but then the next logical question would be: "why a bracket system with two bronze medals is
https://twitter. com/AIBA_Boxing/status/737971666056286208 Is this a shot in the arm for boxing? cool so instead of boxing for money they can box for free. the olympics is boring anyway
PA Do you know why this diving pool turned green? The eery transformation from blue to green took place before the women’s 10m synchronised diving final at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday night. Britain's Tonia Couch and Lois Toulson tried to ignore the