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Roger Federer with his record 18 grand slam titles leads the overall title list in men’s tennis history, Nadal and Pete Sampras has won 14 each. While Serena Williams is closing on Margaret Court’s 24 titles after winning her 7th Australian open and
Below is a list of athletes who competed in both the Summer and Winter Olympics, as of the end of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. [1] Prior to the first winter games in 1924, the winter sports of Figure skating and Ice hockey had been contested in the
No, this has never happened. Until 2002, the Super Bowl was always played in January, and the Winter Olympics almost always begins in February. Now that the Super Bowl is played in February, the events are closer
Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud snatched his side a point with a late equaliser against Manchester United and in doing so wrote his name into the club's history books. The Frenchman entered the fray in the 73rd minute at Old Trafford with the Gunners
This page features the complete list of players with 60-point games in the NBA, including the season and playoffs. Here you have the list of players who scored at least 60 points in an NBA game. Only 2 from a total of 66 performances of 60 or more po
If the top teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City or Liverpool have a big list of injured players not actually available for selection, then they may be more vulnerable. Maybe an injury was picked up in training, maybe they r
In official competitions, three substitues may be used. Anywhere from three to twelve may be nominated, depending on the competition rules. In international friendlies between two top (ie
This Footytube forum discussion mentions several players (most French) from other countries: Zidane (Algeria), Desailly (Ghana), Vieira (Senegal), that went on to not play for their country of birth. The decision by Algeria to not accept Zidane becau
Getting the ball first has minimal relevance as to whether a foul has occurred. There is no reference to making contact with the ball in the section relating to Fouls and Misconduct in the Laws of the Game, but it may be considered by the referee in