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Lee Chong Wei poses with the All England Championships trophy Birmingham, March 9 (IANS) Malaysian World No. 1 Lee Chong Wei and Chinese World No. 3 Wang Shixian clinched the men’s and women’s singles titles, respectively, at the $400,000 All England
It's very hard to pick the quickest player in the EPL. It also depends if you measure the run without the ball or with the ball. To sum up the answer, Theo Walcott is probably the fastest but it's inconclusive
OK, so we all know that national anthems are hardly the stuff we’d normally choose to listen to, but today I ask you to suspend judgement for a few minutes, be patient and open the mind. the issue First a question: as you go about your daily business
The West Indies way, let me put it, is different. Even their cricket anthem seems to be more a celebration that the others. The chest-roll, the gangnam, the Champion
The game is generally played at the site of the team holding the home advantage across the series. The nature of a best-of-seven series requires that the series be tied at 3 games apiece going into Game Seven, such that either team can take the serie
Shots that hit either the post or the crossbar are not considered Shots on Goal. Currently, they are quantified as a Missed Shot. These shots are included with shots that miss the net entirely; as such, they will appear in both Fenwick and Corsi tota
Before the 2013 NBA playoffs, many people speculated that the Miami Heat would go 16-0 (e. g. sweep every series) en route to their 2nd straight title
In the sport of cricket, an over is a set of six balls bowled from one end of a cricket pitch. In a normal over, a single bowler delivers six balls in succession, from one end of the pitch, to the batsman at the other end. After six deliveries, the u