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Theoretically, the maximum batting average is unlimited, but I would also like to explain the concept of batting average a bit more in detail. Batting average, as the name suggests, is the average score a batsman makes per innings during his career,
One way is through corners and free kicks. The central defenders are often the best headers of the ball in the team, because they need to be able to defend crosses and long balls when defending. Because of this strength, they will often take a positi
NOTE: This cannot be considered as a complete answer, since I wasn't able to find the record for WTA matches and also some sources I found contradict each other. But I am posting at least the information I was able to find, hoping that someone might
Rally Scoring Rally Scoring http://www. Volleyball. ORG Rally Scoring: Scoring method where points can be won by the serving or receiving team
Since this answer will probably need occasional updates, I have made it community wiki. The post is compiled from these sources:1 Below is the list of players having more goals than caps which have played at least 25/50 international games. 25+ caps
Tom Pennington/Getty Images Earlier this year, we took a look at the five oldest active players in the NBA. Then more recently, we broke down the four youngest squads in the league. Today brings us an analysis on the other side of the spectrum with t
Yellow and red cards were first introduced into the game of table tennis in 1991. Yellow and red cards are shown by umpires and referees to players and coaches who break the rules or misbehave during the course of a match or tournament. Rule 3
The world’s fastest bowler -An Indian. And it’s official now. Introducing a mean machine in the form of a bowler, who is here to prove himself and wishes to do so without even having a proper cricketing record
There's often a bit of confusion about this. First of all, this might help: One of the main reasons for confusion is because there's muddling between political names (names of countries) and geographical terms (names of places). Here political names
Players with more international goals than capsSandor Kocsis, Hungary - 75 goals in 68 games (1. 10 ratio)Gerd Muller, West Germany - 68 in 62 (1. 10)Poul Nielsen, Denmark - 52 in 38 (1