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CFL: There are 3 downs. There are 12 men per team on the field at one time. The field is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide
All the way from Waco to WeHo Всю дорогу от Уэйко 1 до Западного Голливуда, 2 With a rabbit on her chain С подвеской в виде кролика, 3 Drove a little slick car to tend bar Она проехала на маленькой блестящей машинке, чтобы устроиться барменом, With t
There are a significant number of athletes who have professional careers longer than 24 years. Going for the longest by sport: Basketball: Robert Parish, 21 years American Football: George Blanda, 26 years Baseball: Cap Anson and Nolan Ryan, 27 years
EDIT: I have made this post CW, so that other users can update it, if needed. To answer my question (at least partially) I checked the lists of Gold medalists from junior and senior championships as shown at elitepropects here and here. Note that the
Every event has its consequences and nothing happens accidentally- there is no doubt about it. It does not matter if the event touches just one personal life or the whole world. We talk about important but also about insignificant events
The Pittsburgh Pirates retired the number 33 for which Hall of Famer whose baseball card sold for $2. 8 million in 2007? Who had the number 9 retired by the Atlanta Hawks? Brett Favre's Jersey number, plus the number of possible games in the World Se
Yes, the NFC West had all teams finish with a losing record in 2010. Wikipedia mentions this: In 2010, the NFC West became the first division in NFL history to have a champion with a losing record, after the 2010 Seattle Seahawks won the division tit
Post Merger: According to the Pro Football Reference Game Finder using this query, it is seven for the regular season and playoffs. Three post-merger playoff games surpassed Seattle's five. The Tennessee Titans defeated the Cleveland Browns on Novemb
According to this Wikipedia list of NFL records by team, the "Most Consecutive Shutout Games Won or Tied" was 13 by the Akron Pros over the 1920 and 1921 seasons. They finished the 1920 season with 5 straight shutouts (the last 2 were ties), and they
The 1998–99 UEFA Champions League was the 44th season of the UEFA Champions League, Europe's premier club football tournament, and the seventh since it was renamed from the "European Champion Clubs' Cup" or "European Cup". The competition was won by