What happens when a member of the away team scores a hat trick in NHL?


In ice hockey a hat-trick is when a player scores three goals in a game. Although people may consider a hat trick as three goals scored in a row, this is commonly confused with a natural hat trick (see below).

If a member of the home team in ice hockey scores a hat-trick, fans acknowledge it by throwing their own hats from the stands onto the ice, often causing a delay in play. This custom was started in Guelph, Ontario with the Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters, sponsored by Biltmore Hats. Biltmore Hats would award any player scoring 3 goals in one game a new hat to award this accomplishment.

In 1996, the Florida Panthers fans celebrated goals (not just hat-tricks) by throwing plastic rats onto the ice, which were then cleaned up by men dressed in Orkin (a pest control company) exterminator outfits. The history of this goes back to an incident in December 1995, when Scott Mellanby scored what teammate John Vanbiesbrouck dubbed a "rat trick" after ridding the Panthers'...

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Have you heard of Bucci's Overtime Challenge? Well, this is Bucci's Hat Trick Challenge. What's the challenge part? Regularly coming up with three hits about the World Cup of Hockey. Wednesday's games are Team North America versus Team Sweden (3 p.m. ET, ESPN) and Team Europe versus Team Canada (8 p.m. ET, ESPN2).

1. Why Team USA never had a chance against Canada: While sitting high above the Air Canada Centre ice here in Toronto on Tuesday night, I watched as Team USA was, ironically, melting on the ice below. It was like an ice cream cone on a humid day. You can't really tell that it's getting soft at first. Then suddenly it pours over the side and onto your fingers. Do you lick it? Do you run and wash it off? Or do you just sit here, with a dazed, defeated look of confusion, and let the wet ice cream dry on you?

Hockey is hard. And playing hockey against Canada, in Canada, is the hardest. The Canadians had a 90 percent chance to win the World Cup when the rosters...

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When you play sports games, the goal for your team is to win the championship in whatever you are playing. However, you also want the individuals on your team to make a name for themselves as well. The four achievements I am about to talk on today all signify important individual achievements.

When the game is over and you know you’ve completed one of these milestones, you can gloat to your friend, your online opponent, or the AI. Your friend will be annoyed, your online opponent will mute you, and the AI won’t respond, but you will definitely feel better. Assuming you play on at least a normal difficulty with a regulation team, these are the toughest achievements to complete.

4. The Triple Double (NBA 2K8, College Hoops 2K8, March Madness 08, NBA Live 08)

You will see plenty of NBA box scores with players having 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 8 assists, but that’s common. The triple double, however, is special. It is why Ricky Davis tried to throw the ball off...

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is teaming up with the NHL to sponsor the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs Hat Trick Challenge. How does the Hat Trick Challenge work? Each day, fans are asked to answer three questions about that day’s game. You can score a hat trick by correctly answering all three questions in a day. At the end of the competition, a Enterprise and the NHL will award a grand prize to the entry which has scored the most Hat Tricks.

The first question of today’s Hat Trick Challenge, sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, asks fans: Will Chicago score 4 or more goals?

With a critical Game 7 like tonight’s match up, you’ve got to imagine that this is going to be a close one. After all, the Rangers clinched their berth to the Stanley Cup Finals with a 1-0 win over the Montreal Canadiens. Chicago has scored four or more goals only twice in this series, with both of those happening in the last two games with their backs up against the wall facing elimination. Both teams...

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Pos Role Name C 1 Auston Matthews Active

Auston Matthews won't play in his first preseason game after all.

It was thought that he would play in Friday's game versus Buffalo, but none of Toronto's World Cup participants were on the ice for the morning skate. We will have to wait a little longer for Matthews to debut with the Maple Leafs.

2 Nazem Kadri Active

Nazem Kadri doesn't mind that the spotlight in Toronto will be focused on the team's top prospects.

"I don't mind flying under the radar sometimes," Kadri said. "But at the same time, guys are expected to do a lot — maybe a little more this year than last year. But I think those guys know who they are and they're ready to take responsibility and take action." He wants to play a leadership role on the team this year and has worked hard during the off-season to prepare for the upcoming campaign.

3 Tyler Bozak Active

Tyler Bozak returned with a bang Thursday night and scored a pair of goals in...

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Five out of seven World/Canada Cups have been best-of-three finals, so let's take a look back at those five games, and rank them from worst to best.

Tuesday night's Game 1 of the World Cup final, which saw Team Canada earn a 3-1 win over Team Europe, sets up a do-or-die Game 2 Thursday night. A Canada win would end the tournament, and the trophy will be in the building, unless the league has come to its senses and thrown that ugly thing into a raging bonfire instead.

There have been seven World and Canada Cups in international hockey history, but we didn't get to see a Game 2 in all of those. Twice, in 1981 and 2004, the format called for a one-game final. But it's been best-of-three in the other tournaments, which gives us five Game 2 to work with. So today, let's take a look back at those five games, and rank them from worst to best.

As always, this is opinion only, and if you disagree, then you're wrong.

No. 5 – 1984: Canada 6, Sweden 5


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Jurgen Klopp may have only been at Liverpool for nine months and yet to complete an entire campaign with the club but he has already done enough to earn himself a new contract.

The German arrived at Anfield last October, taking over from Brendan Rodgers after agreeing a three-year deal worth...

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SUNRISE, Fla. — The four friends sat along the back row in the lower bowl at BB&T Center, Bostonians by birth, Bruins fans until recently. On this Thursday they had gathered here to watch their new favorite team, the Buffalo Sabres, play the Florida Panthers. More specifically, they were here to watch the first regular-season road game for the future of the Sabres franchise. If only they could find him, lost as he was somewhere among the blue and yellow jerseys trickling onto the ice for the morning skate.

“Where’s Jack?” one friend said. “Do you see him?”

“Oh come on,” Bob Eichel replied. “They all look the same to me.”

Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

For Bob, it all felt somewhat strange, this tornado of attention for his 18-year-old son—the autograph hounds waiting in the parking lots, hoping to meet the No. 2 pick in last June’s NHL draft that was held in this very building; the banners of Jack hanging in the atrium of Buffalo’s First Niagara...

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Before his ride reached the Japanese restaurant on the California coast, Alex Ovechkin already knew how dinner with Wayne Gretzky would go. “I’m going to ask him a lot of questions,” Ovechkin said in the car. Meeting the Great One was not an opportunity for the Great Eight to waste.

True to his promise, the Capitals winger spent that night in mid-March hopscotching through topics, gleaning whatever he could from an idol, yes, but also peering into his own future. How did Gretzky manage his body after turning 30, which Ovechkin did last September? How did Gretzky feel hoisting four Stanley Cups, something Ovechkin hasn’t done once? “How he trained, how he played, all different stuff,” Ovechkin says. At some point he started sheepishly prefacing requests with, “Is it all right if I ask one more?” As dinner ended after several hours, Ovechkin requested that Gretzky stick...

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The novelty of having the once Minnesota North Stars facing the current team from Minnesota can't be ignored, but at its core this is a series about two teams with a lot to prove.

Dallas had its best regular season in a decade, posting a 50-23-9 record to win the top seed in the Western Conference. But do the Stars have the defense and goaltending to stack up against the competition in the playoffs? Of the teams that avoided elimination, they have allowed the most goals. They have two veteran - and expensive - netminders in Antti Niemi and Kari Lehtonen, but neither had an impressive campaign.

Unless Niemi or Lehtonen surprise in the postseason, it seems Dallas' only option will be to overwhelm offensively. Fortunately they have the roster to do that. Jamie Benn, (when healthy) Tyler Seguin, and Jason Spezza provides the team with a trio of star forwards that would make most other franchises jealous. Through in Patrick...

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The first game of the 2016-17 campaign is less than two weeks away, yet five key RFAs, including the Flames’ Johnny Gaudreau and Lightning’s Nikita Kucherov, remain without contracts.

In less than two weeks’ time, the puck will have dropped on a new season, and there’s a chance that several high profile restricted free agents will begin the season on the sideline due to contract negotiations that have yet to result in a deal that works for both sides.

While Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba has requested a trade and Arizona Coyotes winger Tobias Rieder’s agent said it would be best at this point if his client were shipped elsewhere, other key RFAs are still engaged in negotiations. That doesn’t necessarily mean a contract is imminent, but it does mean progress can be made and at least lends hope that a deal can reached before the seasons starts on Oct. 12.

Here are the five major RFAs still without deals — Trouba and Rieder excluded — and what it could take...

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