What happens when there are 2 turnovers on 1 play?


Defenses have indeed, "figured it out". The top 4 rushing teams that run the Wishbone/Triple-Option—Georgia Tech, Air Force, Army, and Navy—are a combined 21-35.

However, they are successful running the ball with all four being in the top 6 in rushing in the FBS.

Teams approach this offense by containing the rush and funneling the play up the middle. This limits big gains and forces the offense to put together drives of 10-15 plays. Inevitably, a penalty or error derails a drive and they are left in a 3rd and long situation. This offense is not built to overcome long down and distances.

In response to comments below..

The legitimacy and effectiveness of an offensive system can be measured by the number of points it is able to produce. The object of the game, after all, is to score more points than your opponent. Wins and losses is an easy, but maybe too simple, way of judging this.

The four prominent Wishbone/Triple-Option teams have scored 1,334...

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It was in finance class on Monday morning when Montell Cozart first came up with the idea.

After 40-plus hours of beating himself up over what was arguably the worst performance of his Kansas career, Cozart had a thought of something he could do that might help make up for the two-interception, one-fumble outing that led to the Jayhawks getting buried by Memphis and falling to 1-2 on the season just a couple of days earlier.

“I was sitting in class and it just struck me that I wanted to talk to the guys,” Cozart said. “I just wanted to let those guys know that game was on me. I feel like I let everyone down. I didn’t even give us a chance and I just wanted to let those guys know I’ll be much better this week and then going into Tech next week.”

After clearing it with KU coach David Beaty beforehand, Cozart addressed the team at Monday’s practice. He and fellow captain Fish Smithson talked for about 15 minutes, with Cozart going first, about what went wrong and...

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