What is the frequency of overs to introduce a “new” ball? [duplicate]


The major reason for using white ball in ODI and T20 is that many of those matches were happening as Day & Night matches and it was very difficult to spot the red ball under floodlights. Cricket balls were traditionally red and test matches still use that(Compared to red ball, white balls deteriorates more quickly and hence red balls are more suitable for test matches).

From Cricket ball Wiki:

Cricket balls are traditionally dyed red, and red balls are used in Test cricket and First-class cricket. White balls were introduced when one-day matches began being played at night under floodlights, as they are more visible at night. Professional one-day matches are now played with white balls, even when they are not played at night.

This was one of the reasons why the player's dress color was changed from white to colors so that the ball can be spotted very easily in ODIs and T20s.

There was also an attempt to experiment with some other colors as well as...

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The Laws of Cricket say in Law 5:

In a match of more than one day’s duration, the captain of the fielding side may demand a new ball after the prescribed number of overs has been bowled with the old one. The Governing Body for cricket in the country concerned shall decide the number of overs applicable in that country, which shall not be less than 75 overs.

So in Twenty20 and one-day matches, there will generally not be a new ball in the Test Match sense.

There is the rule that in ODIs, two new balls are used, one from each end, but they are never replaced by a new ball (unless damage occurs). The previous rule was that the one ball is replaced after 34 overs, but with another used ball, not a new one, and this replacement was manadatory, not at the request of the fielding side, as in the law.

In Test Matches, the law5 applies, and a new ball is available after 80 overs, per ICC playing conditions. In English first-class cricket, the new ball is also...

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This is how overrate is calculated for different formats:

ODI: In ODI, 50 overs should be completed in 210 min as per the rules and out of this 10 min is provided for Drinks breaks. So the total time allotted for an over is 200/50 = 4 min. By considering this, the over rate per hour is 15 overs.

T20: For T20, the total time is 75 min and 20 overs has to be completed in 75 mins(Drinks breaks are included in this).

Test: For every test match 90 overs has to be bowled in 6 hours and team can get an additional half an hour at the end of the day if requested. Again 15 overs should be bowled in an hour and 7 overs in half an hour.

Slow overrate rules:

As per ICC's Standard ODI Playing Conditions:

The minimum over rate to be achieved by a team is 14.28 overs per hour. However the actual over rate will be calculated at the end of the match by the umpires.

The rule regarding slow overrate is:

A fielding team has to adhere to...

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First, count the occurrence of string and then sort by using Map

List list = new ArrayList(); list.add("apple"); list.add("ball"); list.add("apple"); list.add("cat"); list.add("ball"); Map map = new HashMap(); for (String s : list) { if (map.containsKey(s)) { map.put(s, map.get(s) + 1); } else { map.put(s, 1); } } ValueComparator comparator = new ValueComparator (map); Map sortedMap = new TreeMap (comparator); sortedMap.putAll(map); List sortedList = new ArrayList (sortedMap.keySet()); System.out.println(sortedMap); System.out.println(sortedList); } static class ValueComparator> implements Comparator { Map map; public ValueComparator(Map base) { this.map = base; } @Override public int compare(K o1, K o2) { return map.get(o2).compareTo(map.get(o1)); }...
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Duplicator gives WordPress administrators the ability to migrate, copy or clone a site from one location to another. The plugin also serves as a simple backup utility. Duplicator supports both serialized and base64 serialized string replacement. If you need to move WordPress or backup WordPress this plugin can help simplify the process.

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Duplicator enables you to:

Move a site between domains or hosts Pull down a live site to localhost for development Manually back up a site Duplicate a live site to a staging area or vice versa Bundle up an entire WordPress site for easy reuse or distribution

Move and Backup

Duplicator creates a package that bundles all the site's plugins, themes, content, database and WordPress core files into a simple zip file called a package. This package can then be used to easily restore a site to any location you wish. Move on the same server,...

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If two breaks occur in one chromosome, sometimes the region between the breaks rotates 180 degrees before rejoining with the two end fragments. Such an event creates a chromosomal mutation called an inversion. Unlike deletions and duplications, inversions do not change the overall amount of the genetic material, so inversions are generally viable and show no particular abnormalities at the phenotypic level. In some cases, one of the chromosome breaks is within a gene of essential function, and then that breakpoint acts as a lethal gene mutation linked to the inversion. In such a case, the inversion could not be bred to homozygosity. However, many inversions can be made homozygous; furthermore, inversions can be detected in haploid organisms. In these cases, the breakpoint is clearly not in an essential region. Some of the possible outcomes of inversion at the DNA level are shown in .

Figure 17-14

Effects of inversions at the DNA level. Genes are represented by A, B,...

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The words “duplicate content penalty” strike fear in the hearts of marketers. People with no SEO experience use this phrase all the time. Most have never read Google’s guidelines on duplicate content. They just somehow assume that if something appears twice online, asteroids and locusts must be close behind.

This article is long overdue. Let’s bust some duplicate content myths.

Note: This article is about content and publishing, not technical SEO issues such as URL structure.

Myth #1: Non-Original Content on Your Site Will Hurt Your Rankings across Your Domain

I have never seen any evidence that non-original content hurts a site’s ranking, except for one truly extreme case. Here’s what happened:

The day a new website went live, a very lazy PR firm copied the home page text and pasted it into a press release. They put it out on the wire services, immediately creating hundreds of versions of the home page content all over the web. Alarms went off...

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The Laws of Cricket state (Law 5.4):

In a match of more than one day’s duration, the captain of the fielding side may demand a new ball when the number of overs, excluding any part overs, bowled with the old one is equal to or greater than the prescribed number of overs. The Governing Body responsible for the match concerned shall decide the number of overs applicable in that match. This number shall not be less than 75 overs.

The Governing Body for Test matches, the ICC, have set this number at 80 overs. Therefore, in Tests, although there is no obligation to do so, the fielding captain may request a new ball after 80 overs.

Furthermore, according to Law 5.3, either captain may request a new ball at the beginning of an innings; this is the normal course of...

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The frequency response method of controller design may be less intuitive than other methods you have studied previously. However, it has certain advantages, especially in real-life situations such as modeling transfer functions from physical data. In this tutorial, we will see how we can use the open-loop frequency response of a system to predict its behavior in closed-loop.

Key MATLAB commands used in this tutorial are: bode , nyquist , margin , lsim , step , feedback , sisotool


Gain and Phase Margin

Consider the following unity feedback system:

where is a variable (constant) gain and is the plant under consideration. The gain margin is defined as the change in open-loop gain required to make the system unstable. Systems with greater gain margins can withstand greater changes in system parameters before becoming unstable in closed-loop.

The phase margin is defined as the change in open-loop phase shift...

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The Times Square Ball is a time ball located in New York City's Times Square. Located on the roof of One Times Square, the ball is a prominent part of a New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square commonly referred to as the ball drop, where the ball descends 141 feet (43 m) in 60 seconds down a specially designed flagpole, beginning at 11:59:00 p.m. ET, and resting at midnight to signal the start of the new year. In recent years, the festivities have been preceded by live entertainment, including performances by musicians.

The event was first organized by Adolph Ochs, owner of The New York Times newspaper, as a successor to a series of New Year's Eve fireworks displays he held at the building to promote its status as the new headquarters of the Times, while the ball itself was designed by Artkraft Strauss. First held on December 31, 1907, to welcome 1908, the ball drop has been held annually since, except in 1942 and 1943 in observance of wartime blackouts.

The ball's...

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