What is the record for the most family members competing in the same Olympic Games?


This fact filled site is full of Olympic trivia. Below are some of the highlights. For more trivia, see also Olympic Firsts and Oldest and Youngest, plus heaps more sections.

London is the only city to host the summer Games three times: 1908, 1948 and 2012. The Games have been held in the USA four times (1904, 1932, 1984, 1996) - but in three different cities. Did you know that all athletes competed in the nude at the ancient Olympics? In the ancient Olympics, the philosopher Plato (427-347 BC) was a double winner of the Pankration. (see more about the Ancient Olympics). Five countries have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games – Greece, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, and Australia, though not always as part of official teams. Switzerland is on this list even though they boycotted the 1956 Olympics - however they had competed in the equestrian events several months earlier in Stockholm. France did not send a team to the 1904 Games but a lone Frenchman did compete ...
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Interesting Facts About the Olympic Games

Will and Guy's collection of interesting Olympic facts.

The famous wrestler Milo was said to train by carrying a calf every day. As the calf grew heavier, his muscles got stronger.

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Did you know...

SOS believes education gives a better chance in life to children in the developing world too. SOS mothers each look after a a family of sponsored children.

The Summer Olympic Games or the Games of the Olympiad, first held in 1896, are an international multi-sport event, occurring every four years, organized by the International Olympic Committee. Medals are awarded in each event, with gold medals for first place, silver for second and bronze for third, a tradition that started in 1904. The Winter Olympics were also created due to the success of the Summer Olympics.

The Olympics have increased from a 42-event competition with fewer than 250 male athletes from 14 nations to a 300-event sporting celebration with over 10,000 competitors from 205 nations. Organizers for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing expected approximately 10,500 athletes to take part in the 302 events on the program for the games.

The United States has hosted four...

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By Nancy SteinbachThis is Steve Ember.And this is Bob Doughty with the VOA Special English program


. The Summer Olympic Games begin this week in the city of Sydney, Australia. Today we tell about the Olympics and some of the American Olympic athletes.

(THEME)The world's most famous sports event is the Olympic Games. Five-million people are expected to attend the Summer Olympic Games this year in Sydney, Australia. They include leaders and officials from many countries. About fifteen-thousand reporters are there. More than three-thousand-million people are expected to watch the games on television.

More than ten-thousand athletes from two-hundred countries will compete in twenty-eight different sports in the Summer Games. They will be trying to win medals - gold for first, silver for second and bronze for third-- in about three-hundred events. New additions to the Summer Olympics this year include synchronized diving,...

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What words come to mind when you think about the Olympics?

Perhaps... pride, competition, team, strength, persistence, effort, endurance, diversity, skill.

It's an event that brings nations together to celebrate their greatest athletes, but also to celebrate one another. Some countries will shine in the spotlight of their nation's Olympic strengths. Some will earn new attention and respect from the world. Of course, all of these athletes did something incredible in making it to the Olympic games alone. To represent your country on a global playing field is no small feat. And a win for an individual is a win for the entire nation.

These ideals spoke to me when I began laying groundwork for our own Wii Family Olympics last June, an event in which families would compete in various Olympic events on the Nintendo Wii in hopes of bringing home the gold. This is not to diminish the thousands of hours spent in training and preparing for the world's largest and,...

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I - Athens
April 6-15, 1896

14 nations took part in the rebirth of the ancient games with Greece, Germany, France and Britain sending the largest teams. Owing to its historical significance, the hosts wanted to win the marathon more than any other event and 100,000 fans roared on Spyridon Louis as he took the lead two and a half miles from the finish and went on to win for the home nation.

II - Paris
May 14-October 28, 1900

The first of seven consecutive Olympiads whose events were spread out over months, Paris also saw women compete for the first time with Mrs Brohy and Miss Ohnier of France in croquet being the first of 22 members of the fairer sex to take part, although they were rather outnumbered by the 975 male competitors. Alvin Kremlin (USA) was the Games' star, winning the 60m, 110m hurdles, 200m hurdles and long jump.

III - St Louis
July 1-November 23, 1904

The first Games to present gold, silver and bronze...

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This summer will mark the fourth time British hockey players Kate Richardson-Walsh and Helen Richardson-Walsh will be competing in the Olympics. The long-time teammates made history in London in 2012 when they won Great Britain’s first Olympic hockey medal in two decades. In Rio, they’re gunning for gold, but before their first match, they’ve already made their mark—this time, as the first same-sex married couple ever to compete in the Olympic games.

This year’s Summer Olympics will feature a record number of publicly out LGBT athletes—44 according to an estimate by Outsports magazine, nearly double the number of the London 2012 Olympics. But casting a shadow over this historic moment is the fact that members of the LGBT community are frequently a target of horrific violence in Brazil.

Kate and Helen’s journey is something of an Olympic love story. They’ve known each other since they were children, played on teams together for over a decade, and made their Olympic...

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Fencing is one of only five sports to have been included in every summer Olympic Games since Pierre de Coubertin (a keen fencer himself) revived the Games in 1896. The other ever-present sports are swimming, athletics, gymnastics, and (perhaps surprisingly) cycling. Wheelchair fencing has been a feature of the Paralympic Games since their formal inception in Rome in 1960.

Olympic Fencing Events

Men and women both compete in individual events in foil,...

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The 2014 Sochi Olympics has seen world-class displays of sporting prowess – but there are some athletes and achievements that will especially stick in our memories long after the Olympic flame goes out.

Bjoerndalen: Because being an Olympic champion at age 40 is inspiring

Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen claimed his 13th Olympic title in the men’s mixed biathlon. What makes his achievement even more awe-inspiring is that the 40-year-old athlete didn't begin his career until he was 20. Bjoerndalen won his first medal at the Nagano Games in 1998 and kept up his winning streak long after – bagging at least two medals at every Games since. He is now the most decorated winter Olympian of all time.

Fourcade and Svendsen: Because their finish was the most dramatic

France’s Martin Fourcade and Norway's Emil Hegle Svendsen dueled in a most dramatic way – and all that drama led to an equally dramatic finish. Svendsen...

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Discobolos (Discus Thrower)

shows the Greek emphasis on the beauty of the human form.

The ancient Greeks loved competition of all sorts. Each year, the various city-states of Greece sent athletes to festivals of games, which were held to honor the gods.

The most important and prestigious were the games held at Olympia to honor Zeus, the king of the gods. These Olympic games took place in the summer only once every four years.

The earliest recorded Olympics occurred in 776 B.C.E. It is very likely, however, that Olympic games took place for hundreds of years before then.

The last ancient games were held in 394 C.E. Then the Romans, who had conquered the Greeks, outlawed them. The modern Olympic games began in 1896.

The Competitors

The discus was one of the original events in the ancient Olympic games. Each thrower used the same discus for the competition — a copper one which was kept in Olympia.

In the beginning, the...

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“As an athlete I’ve found aside from hard work, the greatest tools for success are optimism and gratitude.
These practices have led to happiness and the routine pause to realize I’m living the life I love and dreamed of.”

With a record-breaking running resume that elevates and evolves at the same speed as her insatiable pursuit of excellence, Deena Kastor is one of the world’s most extraordinary female athletes.

Deena’s career is earmarked by her groundbreaking 2004 Olympic Bronze Medal in the marathon in Athens, Greece, which shattered a 20-year medal draught for U.S. women in the event. Yet, the accomplishments of the 3-time Olympian certainly don’t stop there. Deena is currently the American Record Holder in the marathon (2:19:36) and half marathon (1:07:34) yet has held American records in a distances from 5K to the marathon. She has made 19 U.S. Teams, won 18 U.S. titles and earned two Silver Medals at the World Cross-Country Championships. She is...

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The Summer Olympic Games or the Games of the Olympiad (French: Jeux olympiques...

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Ancient Olympic Games Chronology of athletic events added to the Olympic Games Myths and the Olympic Games Pelops myth
Hercules myth The Importance of the Olympic Games The Importance of Ancient Greek Athletics
The Religious Aspects of the Ancient Olympic Games
The Olympic Games and the Greek Calendar
The Sacred Truce
The internationalization of the Olympic Games Modern Olympic Games Highlights of Modern Olympic Games International Olympic Committee
Official Olympic Anthem (Greek & English) Host Cities of Olympic Games Sydney Olympic Games of 2000 Athens Olympic Games of 2004
Beijing Olympic Games of 2008

Ancient Olympic Games

The Olympic Games begun at Olympia in Greece in 776 BC. The Greek calendar was based on the Olympiad, the four-year period between games. The games were staged in the...

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All Games are numbered as the "Games of the [Roman numeral] Olympiad", an Olympiad being a four-year cycle.

I — 1896: Athens, Greece

Duration: April 6-15
Participating Athletes: 241 (all-male) from 14 NOCsnote Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and United States debut
Number of sports: 9

The very first Olympic Games. Irish-American runner

James Brendan Connolly

was the very first modern Olympic champion, by way of winning the triple jump. The highlight of the Games, however, was the first marathon, ran at the route said to have been taken by Greek soldier Pheidippides to relay news of the Greek triumph over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, won by Greek water carrier

Spyridon Louis

, earning him a place in the Greek sporting pantheon. Princes




of Greece ran the last lap alongside him. The second-place winner was also...

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The 1912 Summer Olympics (Swedish: Olympiska sommarspelen 1912), officially known as the Games of the V Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event held in Stockholm, Sweden, between 5 May and 22 July 1912. Twenty-eight nations and 2,408 competitors, including 48 women, competed in 102 events in 14 sports. With the exception of tennis (starting on 5 May) and football and shooting (both starting on 29 June), the games were held within a month with an official opening on 6 July. It was the last Olympics to issue solid gold medals and, with Japan's debut, the first time an Asian nation participated. Stockholm was the only bid for the games, and was selected in 1909.

The games were the first to have art competitions, women's diving, women's swimming, and the first to feature both the decathlon and the new pentathlon, both won by Jim Thorpe. Electric timing was introduced in athletics, while the host country disallowed boxing. Figure skating was rejected by the organizers...

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The Olympic Games[1] is an international multi-sport deeznuts event subdivided into summer and winter sporting events. The summer and winter games are each held every four years (an Olympiad[2]). Until 1992, they were both held in the same year. Since then, they have been separated by a two year gap.

The original Olympic Games were first recorded in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and were celebrated until AD 393.[3] Interest in reviving the Olympic Games proper was first shown by the Greek poet and newspaper editor Panagiotis Soutsos in his poem "Dialogue of the Dead" in 1833.[4]Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. He paid for the refurbishment of the Panathinaiko Stadium for Games held there in 1870 and 1875.[4] This was noted in newspapers and publications around the world including the London Review, which stated that "the Olympian Games, discontinued for centuries, have recently been revived! Here is strange news indeed ... the...

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The Games have expanded from a 42-event competition, with fewer than 250 men competing to including over 10,000 competitors of both genders from 202 nations. Organisers for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing expect approximately 10,500 athletes to take part in the 302 events on the programme for the Games.The Athens 2004 games, for which organisers had also expected 10,500 competitors, drew a total of 11,099 in the 301 events offered.

Competitors are entered by a National Olympic Committee (NOC) to represent their country of citizenship. National anthems and flags accompany the medal ceremonies, and tables showing the number of medals won by each country are widely used. In general only recognised nations are represented, but a few sovereign-disputed countries are allowed to take part.

The United States has hosted the most Summer Olympics games, hosting four. The United Kingdom has hosted three Summer Olympics games, all in London, including the most recent games in...

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