What medicine ball exercises specifically help soccer players?

Equipment and improved technique can help increase the power of your tennis strokes, But the greatest gains are brought about by physical improvements.

In other words, a regular tennis-specific fitness workout will help you hit the ball harder, while helping you reduce your risk or injury and increase your endurance.

Some of the most effective training you can do as tennis player requires little to no equipment—just your body weight.

Exercises like lifting on the bench press press aren't necessarily the way to achieve a faster serve or a more explosive forehand. Tennis players need their fitness to mirror what they need on the court. There will never come a time when a player will stop in the middle of a point, lie on a bench, and push weight up and down.

More: How Wall Squats Can Prevent Overuse Injuries

The most practical and valuable tool for developing massive power for tennis-specific movements is the weighted medicine ball. Medicine ball...

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A medicine ball is a heavy ball (heavier than the normal soccer or basketball) that is used for strength training and rehabilitation. It is also called an exercise ball and is approximately 14" in diameter and ranges between 2-25 lbs. It is very useful and effective when used for the plyometric weight training program. Most often, a medicine ball is confused with its larger counterpart, the exercise ball. Training with a medicine ball has been in practice since the ancient Greek and Persian era dating back nearly 3000 years.

Usually, medicine balls are used by boxing professionals for abdominal exercises. Today, medicine ball workouts are popular exercises performed by men, women and kids. These exercises are very easy to perform and practice for kids. They can play a vital role in their health and fitness.


These exercises are easy to grasp and give significant results as far as fitness is concerned. They are a great means to build muscle fitness and...

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Why medicine ball exercises?

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider adding medicine ball to your exercise routine.

They are durable. The shape of the ball forces you to strengthen your grip and they provide significance resistance to strengthen your body.
They train the muscles in sync. You may think that you do not need dynamic movement to make you strong. Dynamic movements is one of your born-right.
They helps strengthen core muscles.Core muscles are responsible for most of the movements in the human body. Therefore it make sense to strengthen them. They are useful for building powerful and responsive core muscles. Great for athletes such as boxers,football players,soccer players and too many to list here.And of course, you stand to gain the benefits too.

Are you ready to learn the 6 exercises?


Let us begin...Let us begin...

1.Ball Circle.
To begin, stand with both feet hips apart.
Hold the...

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Each position requires a specific skill set, so doing focused plyometric exercises will help you train to be better in your specific position. Goalkeepers should practice lateral bounds, as they must jump back and forth to defend the goal. This exercise is performed by standing on the right foot, leaping as far you can to the left, catching your weight with the left foot, and then leaping back to the right. Start out by pausing three seconds between bounds and then increase speed

Defenders should practice explosive push-ups as they need to battle for position and possession of the ball. Begin by lowering your body as you would in a traditional pushup, but instead of extending your arms to finish the move, push yourself up so your hands are off of the floor. Land gently and repeat.

Strikers need to be the fastest and most agile, so they should focus on quick agility drills like the T-hop. In this drill, players practice hopping side to side and front to back in the...

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Having good balance will give you a subtle edge on the soccer field—one that could make all the difference in that critical moment where your team really needs you to come through.

If, say, you’re dribbling up the field and an opponent bumps into you, you'll need to be able to shift your body weight appropriately so that you don’t lose control of the soccer ball. Think of the balance players like Maradona or Messi or women's soccer star Alex Morgan possess. They are all strong on the ball and don't let players knock them off the ball easily, even when they're dribbling at speed.

The key to maintaining balance is to understand that your body is always moving. What do I mean? Well, first of all, try standing on one foot for 30 seconds. Go on, try it! You may have noticed that although you were able to remain standing in one place, your body was still wobbling and oscillating just ever so slightly. You see, it’s impossible to stand perfectly...

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Soccer, or football, as we call it in the UK.

Often associated with a skill set that you either have or you haven’t.

The gruelling 90 minutes of play requires a high level of fitness from the participants, so what are the best training tips to get you through the game? What are the essential exercises for soccer players?


Obviously stamina is the most important fitness requirement, as players have to be alert and responsive from minute one to minute ninety.

Players therefore must train accordingly, and that means improving and maintaining your stamina. All soccer players should keep their stamina up with good cardio exercises such as: runs, cycles, rowing and swimming sessions.

The trouble with football, though, is that players require different fitness needs, depending on the position that they play in the game.

Defenders, who play at the back of the team formation, keeping the goal safe from attack,...

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The best ab workout for a soccer player not only increases the strength and endurance of his core muscles, it also prepares him for games by simulating play. To significantly improve performance in soccer or any other sport, workouts need to include functional exercises. Therefore, the ab exercises soccer players should do involve twisting, bending and moving on their feet.

Balance on Your Feet

Balance is one of the most important athletic skills a soccer player needs to develop. Players at high levels have exceptional balance and stability, and this in part influences their ability to move efficiently and quickly while avoiding injury in the process. Soccer requires stability in motion, so it is important to train your core to be able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in direction. To develop this skill, do slow and rapid squats while balancing on a stability dome.

Work Legs and Abs Together

Because soccer players are almost constantly...

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A medicine ball is a very versatile training aid and one of the most used tools when working on improving shot speed, core strength, and rotational power. A strong core is very important for hockey players as it is used for winning battles, shooting, skating, balance and more. Watch the video above to see the medicine balls we are currently using and where you can get some.

Where to buy a medicine ball for hockey training

If you are in the States you can get good deals and free shipping on Amazon. I found some good deals when searching for Medicine balls and Slam balls. You get free shipping on anything over $25 and the prices are way cheaper than in stores. (read the reviews to make sure the product is good quality)

I live in Canada, and shipping is usually ridiculous. I was amazed though because I found a place that shipped them for free! I got both slam balls from Fitness Equipment Canada who offered free shipping Canada wide! I was very surprised...

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Here's a video that really outlines a lot of the exercises that will help. I have done some of them myself to condition for being a keeper. These all should be of great help to gaining core strength. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZZMcIo6-A8

For some more specifics, here are some of the ones that I trained with and found to be most beneficial:

Lie on your back with your legs straight. Use both hands to hold a medicine ball above your head and barely off the floor. Simultaneously raise your torso and bend your right knee toward your chest as you bring the ball over your knee and toward your foot. Reverse the movement and repeat, this time bending your left knee.

Do a normal crunch, but hold the medicine ball behind your head and hold it above the ground.

Doing a normal crunch, but simultaneously throwing the medicine ball to a person standing at your feet. Then, have them toss the ball back and lay back flat. I usually did this with a teammate at our...

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Medicine balls are shaped like regular sports balls but are weighted to help condition your body. They aren't designed for actual soccer play, but light medicine balls can help you gain proficiency during soccer practice with moves such as throw-ins. Also, the balls help build your core muscles to give you more agility on the field.

Why No Kicking

Medicine balls aren't designed for kicking, even ones meant for use by soccer players. Lightweight soccer balls won't hurt your toes, feet or ankles as you kick, but weighted ones are a different story. You shouldn't use the medicine ball to practice traps, where you stop the ball with parts of your body such as your chest or knee. Also, don't try to head the weighted medicine ball at any time. Even though you can't play a game of soccer with a medicine ball, it can serve as a helpful tool during conditioning and practice.

Getting Your Throws In

Throwing in the soccer ball is an essential part of the...

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Soccer players are amazing athletes possessing exceptional speed, agility and kicking, jumping and throwing power. The following drills will enhance performance in all components of the game.

Wood chop squats: This exercise is great to develop power for ball throws. Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than your hips and your feet turned out slightly. Hold a medicine ball in front of your body with arms straight to the ground. Set your posture by contracting your abdominals, pressing your chest out and up and your shoulders back and down. Start by squatting up while lifting the ball up and backward over your head. Now quickly squat down moving your arms in the same fashion as you would if chopping wood. Continue for 30-90 seconds.

Line drill: As a soccer athlete, you need an advanced level of agility. Try this drill to develop your ability to change directions quickly. Position two cones about 20 feet apart. Start by sprinting to the first cone. Then sprint...

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Soccer players try to make the ball look like a feather attached by a string to their toes, and the world’s most skilled players, such as wunderkind Lionel Messi of Barcelona, create dazzling performance art with the orb. But a ball of an entirely different sort, the heavy and graceless medicine ball, helps Messi and his devotees around the world improve their bodies in the strength room to better create pretty moves on the field.

To Measure Total-Body Strength

Players who just roll up to a rec league game don’t worry about soccer fitness assessments. But formal programs, especially at the college level as well as for younger club teams, may well ask you to perform tests at the beginning of the season and during the season to measure your improvement. Your distance on the total-body throw with medicine ball provides a means to measure your explosive strength, notes college trainer Greg Gatz in “Complete Conditioning for Soccer.” You essentially throw the medicine...

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Soccer players who compete one day a week in a game need to devote five other days a week to their workout routines, notes Greg Gatz, conditioning coach for the University of North Carolina’s soccer teams. This allows one rest day. If you play two games a week, keep a single rest day and set up your other four days for workouts, he advises. The U.S. men’s national team adheres to an even more rigorous schedule of workouts. Fitness coach Pierre Barrieu schedules daily weightlifting to prevent injuries in the run-up to events such as the World Cup.

A warmup and dynamic stretching needs to precede every workout; allow 10 to 12 minutes for that before continuing with your strength work. Dynamic stretching finds more favor among college coaches such as Gatz than static stretching, which requires you to flex or extend your limbs and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Jogging, side shuffles, forward lunges, skipping, Spiderman crawls and the...

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A Soccer player is required to generate sufficient power to any part of the body from their center of gravity.

This is also known as Core Strength.

A strong core will optimally assist in achieving maximum stability, and is vitally important for the soccer player when constantly exposed to extreme fluctuating movement patterns.

By Operating as a finely tuned transmission system the core assists in absorbing internal and external forces, and transfers power through ground reaction, and regulating weight distribution for efficiency of movement.

It is nearly always assumed that having a strong core requires you to work solely on your main abdominal muscle group ie : your Rectus Abdominus. And that to strengthen this area you need to perform generic forms of conditioning such as crunches etc, performed in multiple reps and sets.

The reality however is that the core requires many muscle groups to work and activate in unison to produce a solid...

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We’re actually not talking about bulking up at the gym, living on protein shakes and shredding tees with your giant bicep muscles. We’re talking about a training advantage that can improve speed, agility, stamina and strength. Our game can benefit greatly by weighted training gear. Weight trainers can help you jump a little higher, run a bit faster and greatly improve your on-field stamina come match time.

For soccer players looking to added weights to their training regimen, we recommend a classic medicine ball or weighted training apparel.

Weighted apparel
Newish to the soccer market is weight training apparel. These are lightweight vest that use of individual weighted packs that you can customize your resistance. A popular system is from Impact Sportswear. They offer four different sizes with weights that can be adjusted to add up to 20 lbs. of resistance to your training routine. Impact Sportswear vests are a nice training addition in that they’re easy to...

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The New England Revolution’s head fitness coach gives us tips on how to train like a pro.

A Revs game at Gillette. All photos provided by the the New England Revolution.

Nick Downing played midfield for the New England Revolution for four years, and after retirement he got an abundance of fitness certifications in order to continue his soccer career as a trainer. Now in his second season as the head fitness coach for the Revs, Downing is responsible for individually programming each of the players daily (and yearly) lifting and conditioning programs. “Everything they do in the gym, the track, and the pool is designed by me,” Downing says.

Want to work out like a professional soccer player? Downing takes us through a typical practice:

Start early with some prehab: “Generally [the players] will come in around 8 a.m. and start activation and flexibility exercises. A big problem areas for soccer players are their hips, low backs, groins, and...

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Jan 6, 2014 ... Here's a video that really outlines a lot of the exercises that will help. I have done some of them myself to condition for being a keeper. These all ...


Soccer players try to make the ball look like...

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