What type of gas(if it is not air) is a soccer ball (football) filled with?


If you are in the market for a new HVAC system and your home is one of the approximately 50% of residences in the United States that uses a heating furnace powered by fuel other than natural gas, consider switching to a gas system that will help you save money along with being kinder to the environment.

The Savings

Installing a new gas furnace system will be expensive, in excess of $10,000 to fully change your system over to natural gas. The utility savings, however, will be immediate, as switching to gas will save you approximately 40% to 50% per year in energy costs. These systems have a have higher energy efficiency than most other forms of heating.


Natural gas furnaces offer a variety of advantages over other types of central heating. Not only does a gas furnace result in overall decreased energy cost, it is also inexpensive to maintain as they rarely break down. You’ll save money on repairs and replacement with a gas furnace as...

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When the analysis of speech is carried out by the listener’s ear, the analysis is said to be an auditory one, and when the listener’s brain receives information from the ears it is said to be receiving auditory information. In practical phonetics, great importance has been given to auditory training: this is sometimes known as ear-training, but in fact it is the brain and not the ear that is trained. With expert teaching and regular practice, it is possible to learn to make much more precise and reliable discriminations among speech sounds than untrained people are capable of. Although the analysis of speech sounds by the trained expert can be carried out entirely auditorily, in most cases the analyst also tries to make the sound (particularly when working face to face with a native speaker of the language or dialect), and the proper name for this analysis is then auditory-kinaesthetic.

There are many types of consonant, but what all have in...

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American and Canadian football are gridiron codes of football that are very similar. Both have their origins in rugby football. There are, however, some key differences.


Football was introduced to North America in Canada by the British Army garrison in Montreal, which played a series of games with McGill University. In 1874, USA's Harvard University hosted Canada's McGill University to play the new game derived from rugby football in a home-and-home series. When the Canadians arrived several days early, to take advantage of the trip to see Boston and the surrounding areas, they held daily practices. During this time, the Americans were surprised to see the Canadians kick, chase, and then run with the ball. Picking up and running with the ball violated a basic rule of the American game of the day; when the US captain (Henry Grant) pointed this out to the captain of the Canadian team (David Roger), the reply was simple: Running with the ball is a core...

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If you guys don't want orange flames, you need some sort of dessicant/filter to be in series with the gas hose. You need to remove the moisture from the gas, because that's the only way the sodium is being carried into the flame (it's dissolved in the microscopic water droplets that you can't see). A filter of calcium chloride (CaCl2) would be most effective, (but any common drying-agents should work), even activated charcoal may work. Just make sure it's not powdered, and that it's somewhat granulated; and if buying online, try to find products labeled "ANHYDROUS"; that is important if you want your drying agents to work like they should. Like sodium sulfate, which is a good drying agent normally, won't work if your using regular epsom salts, because epsom salt is hydrated sodium sulfate.

Also I kinda just realized you can just avoid the orange flame entirely by not putting any sodium containing electrolytes in the solution. Just use potassium ones... like, go find some...

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Most pre-fabricated Orthotic are made from EVA, a flexible material that supports the foot without hurting the arches. Once more, it doesn't matter where anyone lives or if they travel Locally, Nationally or Internationally, everyone can continue watching their favorite TV shows, movies, sports, news, and so much more--around the clock. This will aid you minimize the stress linked with cravings and puts your

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concentrate on some thing else. " MEDIO A?O MENOS DE VIDA PARA ELLA Y PARA MI. In fact, according to a 2000 Integra Survey?a random telephone

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survey of 1,305 working adults in the United States?62 percent of respondents routinely ended their day with work-related neck pain, 44 percent reported sore eyes, 38 percent complained of aching hands, and 34 percent reported difficulty in sleeping because they felt too stressed. I?m hoping he doesn?t have a split personality angle going. Men and women who go to bed at a late hour...

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Culcasi's Thoughts

One of the best ballhawking safeties in the NFL, Darren Sharper's job in the Green Bay defense is to make plays and create turnovers. He's done an outstanding job of doing just that over his seven year career, averaging 70 solo tackles with six sacks and 30 interceptions since 1999. A great all-around player, his ability to defend the run, blitz and cover really is unmatched in the league, but surprisingly he receives little credit and often flies under the radar come fantasy draft day, falling into the lower half of the top 10 DBs drafted behind players like Ed Reed and Mike Doss (although young with undoubted talent, they haven't proven near as much as Sharper). Why is that? Well, he is a veteran, and even though he's only 28 years old he has fought through a variety of injuries over the past two seasons (missing four games). Other than that, it's hard to find a negative in Darren Sharper's game.

As the Packers have struggled to find a...

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Heat is a computer’s enemy. Computers are designed with heat dispersion and ventilation in mind so they don’t overheat. If too much heat builds up, your computer may become unstable or suddenly shut down.

The CPU and graphics card produce much more heat when running demanding applications. If there’s a problem with your computer’s cooling system, an excess of heat could even physically damage its components.

Is Your Computer Overheating?

When using a typical computer in a typical way, you shouldn’t have to worry about overheating at all. However, if you’re encountering system instability issues like abrupt shut downs, blue screens, and freezes — especially while doing something demanding like playing PC games or encoding video — your computer may be overheating.

This can happen for several reasons. Your computer’s case may be full of dust, a fan may have failed, something may be blocking your computer’s vents, or you may have a compact laptop...

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May/2009 - This page is undergoing a major revison and update but in the meantime a lightly edited version of the original page appears below

What follows is a basic overview of the carburetor used on Honda four stroke scooters and is meant to aid an owner in a very basic understanding of how this particular fuel-air meter works. If you've been quoted $200 to have someone "look at the carb" this page will hopefully give you enough information to decide whether its something you could reasonably do yourself and spend that money on some more worthwhile cause. Even if you do have someone else perform the work, you'll have a better idea of what is involved.

A "constant velocity" carburetor (CV carb) is used on most four stroke scooters (Honda Elite CH125, 150 and 250 and on the smaller Elite CH80 as well as the 50cc Ruckus and Metropolitan/Jazz scooters). On conventional carburetors the throttle cable is connected directly to...

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So, as mentioned yesterday, I got an email asking me about the weird scandal involving the Patriots and underinflated footballs, so I wrote a piece for the Conversation on the subject. since a few people had beaten me to citations of the Ideal Gas Law, though, I decided to bring my own particular set of skills into this, and did an experiment.

[UPDATE: I’ve added some follow-up/concluding remarks in a separate post from Sunday 1/25. So, if you care about my reaction to Belichick’s big press conference, go over there.]

You can see the basic set-up at the link– I got a couple of footballs from the athletic department and stuck them in the freezer, then used one of the PASCO pressure sensors we have for the intro labs to measure the pressure. For a popular article, of course, I didn’t go into much detail about this. That’s why I have a blog…

So, the relevant physics here is the “Ideal Gas Law,” usually written:

In this context, P is the pressure...

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Physics of the Ball

How and where you kick the ball is the most important aspect within the game of soccer. Lets say you kick the ball perfectly giving it no rotation (or spin), this means that you have given the ball a velocity (v) and an initial angular speed of zero. When the ball comes into contact with the ground it will begin to spin because the ground is not frictionless. The soccer ball will eventually begin to roll without slipping, which is when the balls center of mass is equal to its angular speed. Now assume that you want to strike the ball so that it immediately begins to roll without slipping. The diagram above shows us how we can accomplish this and the equaltion of s=R(theta) will give us the distance from the center of the ball that you need to kick. The answer to this problem turns out to be s=0.4R, so you would strike the ball a little less than half of the radius above the center line.

Friction is a huge factor when considering the game of...

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Mario Strikers Charged (also known as Mario Strikers Charged Football in Europe and Australia) is a Wii game and the sequel of Super Mario Strikers. This game places a higher emphasis on individual character attributes, by not only assigning stats, but giving team captains a Super Ability and the Mega Strike, an opportunity to score up to six goals. Meanwhile, team itself can be composed of several different Mario species, each with also unique attributes including Skillshots. The game, as its predecessor, also stylistically differs from most Mario games with more realistic sci-fi tones, from the menu interface to the stage designs, in contrast to the more common bright and whimsical cartoon themes.

In addition to the local single-player and multiplayer modes, the game also features online regional multiplayer, which uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Unlike most games that have Wi-Fi features, Mario Strikers Charged's game data can be copied (but not moved) onto an SD...

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