When should I use a longer tee vs a shorter tee?

October 23, 2015 Golf Tips

What difference does it make using a longer or shorter tee?

Tee pegs, for some reason, can cause problems and endless debate when it comes to what is best when using the driver.

It’s a balance between what is going to perform the best and what just feels right.

I’ve long been a fan of the pink castle tee – as I know many others who are too.

Tips: How to release your driver through the ball

Some, slightly snobby, golfers think these are ‘amateurish’. News-flash – I’m an amateur and a pretty ropey one at that.

But despite putting me at ease when stood over my opening tee shot, is the pink castle tee the best option for me and my ‘swing DNA’?

Tips: How Trackman can help you hit better drives

I thought it was a good topic to go over with Scott Oxley – head teaching pro at J Whitaker Golf, Moor Allerton.

One of the reasons I was keen to look at it was the fact that I can hit the...

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When it comes to t-shirts and style, opinions often fall into two camps.

There are those men, the vast majority of them, who see tees as a wardrobe staple that is appropriate for nearly every occasion, and can be worn with little to no thought.

Then there are the traditionalists, small in number, but vocal, who feel t-shirts are utterly juvenile and sloppy-looking, and should never be worn outside a gym or away from the beach.

I’d like to suggest a middle path: t-shirts as a classic, versatile piece of clothing appropriate to wear on some occasions, but not others. Allow me also to suggest that even if t-shirts constitute a simple staple of one’s wardrobe, there are ways to wear them better, and worse.

Today we’ll cover the ins and outs of this stylish, common sense approach to the tee, and explore how, when, and where to rock one. Welcome to the best damn guide to men’s t-shirts on the internet.

The History of the T-Shirt

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A little over a year ago, a reader (John) with a heavy underarm sweating condition stopped by my site.

After some extensive research and a lot of article reading here, John decided to try out two different brands of hyperhidrosis undershirts – Thompson Tee & Sweatshield.

As of this writing, there are approximately 14 different brands of hyperhidrosis undershirts that I have come across.

Most of them have extra sweat-through prevention protection in the underarm only, while a select couple offer all-over sweat through protection.

John graciously has provided his feedback on which undershirt offered him better protection & a better overall experience.

Thompson Tee vs Sweatshield

By: John from UK

2 x Products reviewed.

I have no commercial link to either company, this is my own personal review.

I am a 49 year old male who lives in the UK.

Firstly let me start by saying that finding these shirts was a miracle for...

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Hello all

I want to know whether I should use a tee when "teeing off" with a 7 iron.

I took some golf lessons a couple of years ago but never really got out and played. I only really got into the game this summer. I've been playing for about 4 months, sticking to irons, and playing the 9 hole short courses of Middlesex (holes from 100 to 300 yds).

Mostly I tee off with a 7 iron as this is what I feel most comfortable with.

When I started out, I did not take a divot and pushed the ball about 10-20% right. After some lessons, I now have divots (and a pretty bad slice 50% of the time) -- more work required.

I have been making my tee shots directly off the turf, but more recently am taking divots.

Should I be using a tee?

If so, any guidelines on how high to tee the ball for an iron would be great.

Many thanks

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Before you even think about swinging the club, you must first tee your ball at the appropriate height. Knowing how and where to tee the ball is a crucial step of the game. Unfortunately, many beginners often overlook this element, randomly poking the tee in the ground while paying little-to-no attention to its height.

Do I Really Need To Tee My Ball?

Let me first start off by saying that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE A TEE. Whether it’s a massive par 6 or a beginner-friendly par 3, always tee your ball when give then the chance. Doing will increase your club’s surface contact with the ball, which translates into greater accuracy and longer distances. It only takes a couple seconds to tee a ball, but it will pay off in the long run.

Tee Height: Explained

The ideal tee height varies depending on the club being used. Generally speaking, longer clubs should use higher teed balls. Assuming you are using a driver (longest club), you should tee your ball so the...

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This section is from the book "Modern Golf", by Harold H. Hilton. Also available from Amazon: Modern Golf.

CLOSELY allied to the main question of the wooden clubs is the subsidiary one of length of shaft. The extremely long shaft has had many adherents and probably as many opponents. Of course, the obvious argument is that the long shaft gives a larger radius of swing and consequently more power, but that is hardly the whole story.

For example, it always appears a little remarkable to see a man using a long-handled club and gripping that handle away down at the bottom of the leather. It makes one wonder why he ever had such a long shaft put in the club if he could find no use for it. But there are a great many men who thus fail to utilize anything approaching the full length of the shaft they have had put to the head of their club and there is no doubt a certain degree of wisdom in their apparently peculiar methods, as one can undoubtedly swing more freely with a...

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Version 3 of our customized RTL-SDR dongles brought out some new interesting features. In this guide we explain how to use those features:

Feature 1: Direct Sampling HF Mode

This feature allows you to listen to HF signals between about 500 kHz to 28.8 MHz.

To use direct sampling mode

Connect an appropriate HF antenna to the SMA antenna port (this is the same port where you connect your VHF/UHF antenna). In SDR# select the Q-branch in the configure menu (the cog icon next to the play button). (If it is greyed out make sure you stop the SDR first, by clicking the stop button in SDR# first) Press Play and tune to 500 kHz – 30 MHz.

VHF antennas like small discones or short whip antennas will probably not pick up HF signals very well, if at all. If you have no such antenna you can try extend the large telescopic antenna to its maximum length of 1.5m, or use the screw nut provided with the antenna base to clamp on a long wire antenna. Ideally you...

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I recently purchased a box of pro v1 regular's and played a few rounds with them. I did not see a loss of distance and I noticed a lot of spin around the greens. The ball seemed to perform nicely and I liked the fell of it. I am a little torn as to which ball to play. I was playing the x's before. I would love others input on which ball they prefer. Tell me what you like and don't like about either one. I would be interested to know.

Are you a golf nut like me and looking to add some traffic to your blog? Are you a great writer, or maybe working on it, And wanting to write more content that leads people to your great site. I am looking for a select few that would like to write for my blog. Just contact me and we can start a conversation. I look forward to those that want to share great content! Talk to you soon.

When it comes to hitting longer drives there are a few things you may want to do differently. The setup is a key piece of the distance puzzle. But I have a...

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Tees are the most popular products sold on the Redbubble marketplace, so it is essential to know all the tips and tricks when designing specifically for garments.

When creating a new file, it needs to be at least 3200 (height) x 2400 (width) pixels in size, 8-bit, with a transparent background. Our garment printers only print in the CMYK format so we recommend designing in this colour spectrum as it will give you a better idea of how the final product will look. You will still need to convert to RGB when saving the final file as a PNG. We recommend using Photoshop or Gimp (which is available as a free download). This is what your settings should look like in both programs if you are creating your own document:

What graphics software do I need?

You can use any graphics software that supports PNG files. We recommend Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (which is free but a bit less user friendly).

Other popular graphics programs which support the PNG...

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If you feel you have been blocked in...

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Longer tees are typically for woods and your driver, while shorter tees are for irons.

The modern driver is a deep-faced club, so the distance between the sweet spot (which you want to put right on the ball) and the bottom edge of the club (which you want to avoid dragging over the ground) is the greatest of any club. In addition, most instructors tell you to tee the ball forward in your stance, often just behind your leading foot, so you're hitting up and out at the ball as you come out of your downswing; this gets you the optimum launch trajectory for maximum distance while minimizing backspin.

This club, therefore, definitely calls for a deep tee. I tend to tee my drives with the ball's thickest point (as seen by the club) right at the upper edge of the face of my driver, and slightly inside the centerline. That allows me to take a swing that clears the "deck" and hits into the ball on the upswing, sending it right down the line. To get the height I want, I use...

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By Brent Kelley

You're a beginning golfer stepping up to the tee box. You have a tee in your hand and you press it into the ground. But how far down into the ground does it go? How high or low should the golf ball be teed?

Correct Tee Height Depends on Club Used

The answer depends on the type of golf club you are using. The longer the club - driver being the longest, the wedges being the shortest - then the higher the ball should be teed.

Tee Height with Driver and Woods

Studies have shown that the best height to tee the ball when using a driver is equal to the crown (or top) of the driver. In other words, the bottom of the golf ball, resting on the tee, should be level with the top of the driver.

(Note that standard-length tees are probably too short to accomplish the above advice; for teeing the driver, you'll likely need long tees rather than standard tees.)

As the club you're using gets shorter, you'll lower the height of the...

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By Brent Kelley

Updated December 17, 2016.

"Ladies tees" is a term many golfers still apply to the forward set of tees on each hole of a golf course. Playing from those tees means playing the course at its shortest length.

Golf courses use multiple tee boxes on each hole, usually designated by colored tee markers. Depending on how good a golfer is, how far he or she hits the ball, the golfer selects the most appropriate set of tees for his or her abilities. That's the way it's supposed to work, anyway.

The forward tees are also often referred to as the "red tees." Ladies tees, forward tees, red tees - those terms are synonyms.

Why Are They Called 'Ladies Tees'?

The average male golfer hits the ball farther than the average female golfer, which means that women are more likely to choose a set of tees that is more forward (or shorter in terms of distance from tee to green).

If we go back in time, we'll eventually reach periods in...

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You're on the tee of a brutal 470-yard par 4 and really need to bust one if you're going to get home in two. What's your swing key?

One thing you're probably not thinking about is how high you teed your ball. But you should be. Tweaking your tee height, it turns out, can be one of the best and easiest adjustments you can make to pound higher and longer drives.

Our Study
Who took part:
Twenty-seven golfers, aged 25 to 71, with handicaps ranging from scratch to 29. Of the players, 25 typically used a mid-height tee and two preferred a high tee.

The tee heights
• At the low tee height, the top edge of the ball was even with the top edge of the driver so that the entire ball was below the crown.
• At the mid tee height, half of the ball was above the crown.
• At the high tee height, the bottom edge of the ball was slightly above the top edge of the clubface so that the entire ball was above the...

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By Chris Mile

I have wanted to tackle this question for sometime because it is a real big deal, and I have seen some half baked answers to this question. In my book, every golfer should have the opportunity to hit par threes in one shot, par fours in two, and par fives in three. If this is not possible, you are playing a course that is too long, and if you play a course that is too long or too short, you will not get the joy you should from the game.

Computing Your Ideal Course Distance. The answer to the question of how long a course should be for you is real simple. It is 28. Just multiply the length of a well hit drive for you by 28 and that, in my estimation, is the length of a course that will be challenging but enjoyable to play.

The logic behind the “Driver x 28” is that an ideal course will have a combination of easy, moderately difficult, and difficult holes. Knowing the length of your drive, you can estimate how far you hit your other clubs. For...

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I use the ProLength yellow tees, 2 3/4" long. With the yellows, I tee the ball top even with the crown of the driver.

One article from the past season suggested tee height should vary by whether you were a driver or a launcher . A driver supposedly sweeps the tee shot off the ground, hitting the ball in the back, while a launcher hits the ball on more of an upswing. Supposedly, drivers do better with a slightly shorter tee height.

Also, I have some 1 7/8" tees which I use with irons and FWs. Broken tees often get snapped off crooked on our tee boxes, and don't go back in ground very well.

Occasionally I end up on tee boxes with unusually soft soil, and I wish I had some blue 3 1/4" so the tee would stand up without having to stick it in so...

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