Who autographed this baseball?


I went to a baseball autograph database (http://www.baseball-almanac.com/automenu.shtml); then I wrote a script that would hide all players that didn't play during the time frame in question. (I even granted several years leeway both ways).

Then I looked at the autographs of everyone (A-Z, both leagues) who had an I or J in their last name. I may have missed some, because that part I did by visually scanning the page ( there are quite a lot of players from that time frame ). The only player who I thought was even close was Todd Zeile, and he wasn't all that close.

If anyone is interested I can post the script here, and you can try what I did. For now however; I am (with much regret) concluding that there is something being overlooked in the OP's memory.

Could it have been a Spring Training game (and the signer a minor leaguer who didn't make it to the show in that time period)? Maybe a coach who was a former player; and the OP remembered it that way? Worse -...

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Many sports fans enjoy collecting sports memorabilia such as baseballs. Sometimes a collector creates a collection as a hobby while other times they are interested in it as an investment. Either way, it is good to know how to determine the value of an autographed baseball. A variety of factors go into determining the value of an autographed baseball. The collector should consider these various factors, including the location of the signature, whether or not the signature is authentic, the condition of the ball, and whether it has been authenticated. It is also important that collectors know how to properly store the autographed baseball to protect its value. Along with information about how to determine the value of an autographed baseball, this guide shows how to buy autographed baseballs on eBay.

The Authentication and Grading of Baseballs

Collectors will pay more for autographed baseballs that have been authenticated. There are two major authentication companies...

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Please Read This Before Posting:
"Whose signature is this?" Posts - A lot of times our guess is as good as yours. We'll be happy to try to help you, but without context we're not going to have much luck. Please include every piece of information you already have about the autograph in question. This might include what part of the country you acquired it in.

"How much is this worth?" Posts - It's worth whatever someone will pay for it. Chances are, you're not sitting on a goldmine. The signed baseball you found in grandpa's closet likely held more sentimental value than anything else. If you know the subject, compare recent eBay sales. That will give you a clearer idea.

We are volunteers. We are giving of our time to help you. If someone does manage to help you out, you don't have to buy them gold or make a big deal of it. However, if someone spent the time to go through ten years of the Chicago Cubs roster to match your signature, at least acknowledge them...

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Hello Tom,

We would need a picture of the signature to help you out. If you're having trouble uploading a photo with photobucket, you could post the picture to the Keymancollectibles.com facebook page. I have a photo album named "Who Signed this baseball" set up for the sole purpose of helping in identifying signatures. (info below) -Steven KeyMan

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You’re at a major league baseball game, hunkered down in the cheap seats out in left field. It’s late in the game, and the batter is making his third trip to the plate. He’s hit deep to left in his first two at bats, each time driving the fielder almost to the warning track. Here’s another windup, another pitch, another swing, and another crack!

As it did in previous innings, the ball heads your way, but this time it does not appear to move at all. It seems stationary, just getting bigger and bigger, until you realize that it’s heading straight for you. You’ve brought your glove, which you haven’t done in years, and before you know it, your instincts from little league have kicked in, there’s a ball in your mitt, your hand is stinging like crazy, and everyone in the bleachers is suddenly your best friend.

Because you have defied the odds by actually catching a home-run ball at a professional baseball game, you owe it to yourself to stick around a bit longer and wait...

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April 7, 2011

by William Szczepanek

The smell of grass is in the air and the feel of cleats digging in bring back childhood memories. It's harder to get that feeling in Phoenix since there isn't much grass except on golf courses. The season has started. The crowds packed the stadiums for the openers. Baseball is more popular than ever and the fans finally get to see their favorites players again and get their autographs... Something is wrong with this picture. Baseball attendance is down and a day at the old ballpark is a major expense. With all that the Dodgers are debt ridden. Baseball autographs are tough to get, unless you're willing to pay.

Much has been written about this subject of autographs on baseball cards and their monetary value, but the answer I am about to give is very likely not what you're looking for. Okay. I'll give you a reasonable answer. In general, yes a card is more valuable if it is...

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Baseball Autographs

Autograph collecting can instantly bring back memories spent with true greatness. A den decorated with those memories is sure to please a fan of the game and will definitely spark some conversations when friends come to visit.

We have broken the baseball autographs menu into two main sections. The first are links to our comprehensive online autograph collection sorted alphabetically then placed on a page of its own to make it quick & easy to find any player in our collection.

The second section is our Autograph of the Week selection which was based on a historical accomplishment or unique feat. This section is no longer being supported and upgraded as our focus now has changed to integration of autographs on player pages (first menu), but as many of these items were unique and enjoyable we left them here for future generations to...

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From Signed Rookie Cards To Game-Worn Jerseys, Just Collect is Always Buying

Baseball has long been the cornerstone of the sports memorabilia hobby. It's rich history and countless sub-plots have been interwoven into the story of America ever since it's professional debut in the mid 1800's. And while other sports have at times stolen the spotlight from America's pastime, baseball has played on; continuing to capture our imagination and inspire our youth. For those reasons and many more, the demand for baseball autographs, is as strong as it ever was.

Just Collect, an industry leader in the vintage sports cards and memorabilia market, has for ten years offered our clients the tools and the expertise necessary maximize the value of their prized autograph collections regardless of whether it's a single signature or a hoard of hundreds, or even thousands, of pieces.

Who's The Best

Today and everyday, we are looking for prime examples from such legendary...

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Autographed baseballs are a great way to add to your collection of sports memorabilia and are a favorite among collectors. A signed baseball is a timeless piece to be displayed in any sports room or collection that celebrates some of the best players in the major league. Whether you are looking for a team-signed baseball or a ball signed by a current or retired player, you can find what you are looking for in the SportsMemorabilia.com MLB collection.

With autographs from almost every player in the league, fans can be sure to find any baseball for sale signed by their favorite player in our selection of autographed, which includes White Sox baseballs, Cubs baseballs, and Mets baseballs. In our collection of baseball memorabilia, you will find baseballs signed by Hall of Famers, like our Babe Ruth Yankees baseballs and current MVP’s, like our David Ortiz Red Sox baseballs. Be sure to browse our Braves baseballs, Angels baseballs, and Phillies baseballs for autographs from the...

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