Why do most coaches save key defensive resources till the end of the game?


Why do most coaches save [time outs] till the end of the game?

To stop the clock for the possibility of getting the ball back and the opportunity to score, if necessary.

An example is from a 2013 wild card game with the Kansas City Chiefs at the Indianapolis Colts. The Chiefs turned the ball over in downs with around 1:55 left, and the Colts ran out the clock to clinch the win. Had the Chiefs had one timeout, they may have been able to get the ball back for the opportunity to score.

Are some coaches now starting to move their [time-outs] at "critical times" (e.g. time outs earlier in the game)?

This is where I challenge the statement, "These coaches still would have preferred to be able to save their timeouts for later."

The circumstance you present involves the Philadelphia Eagles offense and the New Orleans Saints defense. You also state that the Saints took a time-out to give their defense a chance to recuperate. This very well may be the...

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I'll not repeat what the other answers have already correctly stated but I will provide an answer relating to a subpart of your question:

Is it related to giving the player another cap? (perhaps pay related for an appearance?)

This can, indeed, be a factor. Although it's less likely that a manager brings on a player to earn his appearance fee, the number of caps a player has earned in a season can be important.

Sometimes a club may loan a player to another team but, as a requirement, they may stipulate that the loanee player must complete a certain number of minutes or games for the agreement to go through.

More often though, is that certain competitions will only give winners' medals to players who have made a certain number of caps in the said competition.

One example that springs to mind is when Martin Keown needed one more cap to qualify for a EPL medal with Arsenal. Ray Parlour jokingly pretended to get ready to come on as their last...

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The NFL overtime rules state that a touchdown by either team wins the game (field goals and esoteric scoring methods are irrelevant to this question).

During Sunday Night Football on November 29, 2015, the Patriots lost to the Broncos in overtime when a Bronco scored a touchdown. This ended the game, 30-24.

During Monday Night Football on the next day, November 30, 2015, the Browns lost to the Ravens 33-27. The Browns lined up with seconds left to go in the fourth quarter and the score tied at 27. They were trying to hit a game-winning field goal as time expired. Instead, the field goal was blocked. The ball was in bounds and live, allowing a Raven to pick up the ball and run it back for a touchdown.

The clock was at zero by the time the ball was picked up, let alone run back. Coaches came onto the field, shook hands, everyone treated it like game over except for the referees. They made the Ravens attempt a PAT (or two-point conversion) due to the touchdown....

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Close - By Ken Sartini

Before I get into these game strategies... let me say that the lower level coaches... 5 to 12 year olds should spend a lot more time on the fundamentals and basics of the game. As you move up the ladder, it becomes more important for you to understand how to handle different game time situations that arise.

Do you save a time out for a last second shot in the game?

Handling time outs are a very...

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I bought a player from limited players' market but he doesn't appear in my team, why?
Player will only come to your team at the end of the season - on 63rd day. Teams get ready for the next season by signing contracts with players in limited players' market.

Why free players' market and trades are not available?
Free players' and coaches' market is opened on the 1st day of the season and is closed in the middle of the season (36th day of season). Then limited market is opened and is available till the end of the season.
Trading and releasing players is available only when free players' market is open.
More information about game's events may be found in help section: Date/Time of updates

In the market I offered too big salary. Can I cancel my offer?
It is possible to cancel offer given in the market UNTIL the day of decision (paid feature). It can be done in section: Marketplace - My offers.
Offers can't be cancelled on the...

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NBA basketball can be a very strategic game. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about hoops strategies.

Defensive Strategies
Offensive Strategies
Near the End of the Game Timeouts

How many timeouts does each team get in a regular NBA game?
Each team has six timeouts for each game, four of which are mandatory and are used at specific times in each of the four quarters. Each team also has two 20-second timeouts which can be used (one in each half, and they cannot be carried over or saved). In overtime, each team receives three full timeouts.

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How many fouls can a player commit before he must leave the game?
Each player is permitted to commit six fouls in a game, after which he must leave the game.

What does it mean when a team is "in the penalty"?
There are two ways a team can be in the penalty or in a penalty situation:


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Who among ESL teachers does not understand the purpose behind a warm up activity? We all agree that it’s important to get students focused, to introduce a task or topic, to break the ice, or simply place your students in “English mode”.

But what about cool downs?

Many teachers are not aware of the importance of a cool down. And what is exactly this importance?

Many teachers just play a game or let students work on an activity till the bell rings. When you do this you neglect to give your students closure on what they have learned for the day. You’re not capitalizing on your unique opportunity to effectively wrap things up in a way that will benefit your students’ learning.

The warm up and the cool down are like the introduction and the conclusion of an essay.

An essay with no conclusion has a very abrupt ending. If you just let students work on an activity till it’s time to go home, you are not only giving them a sudden and abrupt ending to...

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You might have noticed that the Atlanta Falcons' defense wore down as Super Bowl LI went on. The Falcons were flying all over the field in the first half, holding the Patriots to just three points while mostly shutting down Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and the rest of New England's weapons.

The Pats ran 42 plays in the first half, totaling 215 yards -- an average of 5.1 per play that fell well short of their regular-season mark. All those plays added up, though, and the Atlanta defense began to tire in the second half.

The most important way that fatigue manifested itself was in a lack of pressure.

As we noted in our Key Matchup post heading into the game -- and as everyone and their mother has noted for years -- the key to beating the Patriots is getting pressure on Brady without having to resort to the blitz. In the first half, the Falcons did just that. In the second half, and especially the fourth quarter, they did not. And it cost them the game.


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Osi Umenyiora knows what it takes to stop Tom Brady in the Super Bowl , writes Keith Webster from Houtson.

After all, he did it twice as a defensive end with the New York Giants, inflicting Brady’s only defeats in his six trips to the NFL’s grand finale.

And on both occasions, the London boy was a key part of a defensive masterplan that left the New England Patriots quarterback smothered and his Super Bowl dream in tatters.

Umenyiora is now a regular face on the BBC’s NFL Show and is spearheading the search for talented European athletes who want to make it in the NFL as well as helping to push the idea of London being awarded an NFL team.

But tonight he will watch with interest to see if the Falcons can work out how to shut down Brady as effectively as Umenyiora and the Giants did at Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI, when they put Brady’s credentials to one side and concentrated on their own strengths. Umenyiora said: “You’ve got to pressure the...

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