Why does Kane wear a mask one week, and the next not? [closed]


Written by: Everyman

It’s time to explain the meaning behind the Guy Fawkes mask again—from the limited viewpoint of a rather common citizen. While it seems there is always a war waging somewhere on this planet, we live in a particularly turbulent time. Whether or not fanatical patriots wish to admit it, we live in a world filled with injustice and greed, often at the hands of those we’re supposed to trust the most. The corruption leaks down in the form of desperation causing brother to turn against brother. Citizens of nations everywhere are beginning to awaken from their sleep, and see the world for what it truly is. As a result, the Guy Fawkes mask has received a new form of recognition due to its direct link to the Anonymous Movement.

For many who are unfamiliar with Anonymous, it’s easy to assume that this is a “group”, that it has a community, and a leader who coordinates underground meetings. This is not the case. There are no leaders. There is no...

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Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane was mocked for wearing a protective mask during the crucial north London derby against Arsenal.

The England striker, 22, has to wear the mask after breaking his nose against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup last month.

But rather than wear a dark mask - like Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have worn in recent months - Kane opted for a clear one.

It's fair to say the mask gave him a rather comical look.

Fans on social media were quick to point it out to the striker, who didn't have much chance to impress during the first-half of a cagey derby against rivals Arsenal.

Here is some of the best reaction:

Harry Kane looks like a picture for one of those 'don't litter' campaigns where a duck's got stuck in the plastic from a four-pack of cider.

— PhilippaB (@Philby1976) March 5, 2016

Harry Kane's mask is terrible. They've used clear plastic. It's so obvious it's...

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The doctor is in, and hes patently insane. This nine-foot-tall maniac didnt always wear a paper bag over his noggin, though. Before losing most of his marbles, he was Dr. Baldhead, a genius physician renowned for his medical prowess and healing power. But when a little girl mysteriously died during one of his operations, he blamed himself and was consumed by guilt. That guilt grew into full-on madness, spurring Baldhead to take up a gigantic scalpel and murder strangers for seemingly no reason.

But why does he wear the mask? To atone for his sins and reform his identity. After a visit from the ghost of the girl who died under his care, who explained that her death wasnt his fault, Faust shed the serial killer persona of Baldhead and endeavored to save lives instead of ending them. From then on, his moves took on a more comedic tone, and he somehow developed powers of teleportation. The lesson here, kids, is that wearing a paper bag over your head builds...

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In the late '90s, the Kane character debuted in the WWE during a match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Paul Bearer brought forth Kane in order to make The Undertaker’s life a living hell.

Back then, Kane was mysterious when he wore his mask and never spoke. Once time passed, Kane started speaking every once in a while, and he was even part of a love storyline with Tori.

Years later, Kane started becoming soft as he started to show some emotion.

In 2003, the WWE decided to take the mask off of Kane. Everyone finally saw what he looked like after being masked since 1997.

During the first few months of being unmasked, Kane was dominant in the Raw brand; he even helped Vince McMahon bury The Undertaker alive at Survivor Series that same year.

In 2004, Kane and The Undertaker feuded once more after Taker returned. Once the feud ended, Kane was no longer the dominant monster that he was during the late '90s and early 2000s.

Kane, once...

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Fezzik: Why are you wearing a mask? Were you burned by acid or something like that?

Man in Black

: No, it's just that they are terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

Anyone who routinely covers at least half of their face is likely to be at the top end of the personal power scale. Habitual illusions and kabuki-style makeup also count.

Oddly, this also applies to those who wear little round glasses, despite the significantly lesser coverage, especially if they're Scary Shiny Glasses or Stoic Spectacles.

Almost prototypical for Superhero characters. In anime, these are standard issue for Char Clones.

Humongous Mecha frequently gain a mask (over their mouth at the least) when combining or entering a Super Mode.

Note that this only applies to major characters. Mooks in masks are in a special subcategory, but are still Mooks underneath. When you take this and add a coat, a hat and a suit, you get Coat, Hat,...

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The number of people you’ll see in Japan wearing surgical masks is pretty surprising. Sure, Japan is a hard working society, and the spread of productivity-sapping sickness is always a concern at schools and workplaces, but that doesn’t seem like reason enough for the proliferation of facial coverings that sometimes has Tokyo offices looking more like an operating room.

Health concerns are only part of the equation, though, as recent studies have revealed multiple reasons people in Japan wear masks that have nothing to do with hygiene.

Until recently, masks were primarily worn by people who had already come down with an illness. If you were feeling under the weather but couldn’t take the day off, common courtesy dictated that you cover your mouth and nose with a mask, so as not to breathe your germs all over you class or office mates or fellow commuters.

Things started changing in 2003, though, when medical supply maker Unicharm released a new...

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Why Wear A Mask? By Kenny Davis

I wear a mask to conceal my identity.
Even no one notices what I do.
Just in case someone pays attention to my helpful heroism.
I won’t be praised or recognized by name.

I wear a mask to shield myself from others.
By not seeing me they won’t judge me for me.
They would judge me for who I am when I put it on,
Not for whom I am when I take it off.

I wear a mask to become someone else.
When I do so I am free.
For the mask gives me confidence and invincibility.
I feel no man, woman, or beast can hurt me.

I wear a mask to learn about others.
The initial judgment is made primarily by how you look.
For if others can be cruel with my mask on.
Who is to say they won’t when I take it off.

I wear a mask to create a sense of mystery
Leave a little or a lot for the unknown.
For if there is someone who can handle me without the mask.
May be...

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Welcome to ANOS Inc.

The Australasian Native Orchid Society Inc. is the major organisation promoting the understanding and appreciation of orchids growing naturally in our region of the world – Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and the adjacent western Pacific.

We focus on a number of areas including conservation, research, breeding of species and hybrids, culture, shows, displays and judging, photography, learning about the Australian flora and environment, and field excursions.

Most members belong to one of our affiliated ANOS groups, but membership of ANOS Inc. itself is through subscription to The Orchadian, the quarterly ANOS journal that provides members with articles spanning all of the areas above.

Membership also provides many opportunities to network with likeminded enthusiasts and experts, grow and source plants, keep up to date with what is happening across the broad field of interest, as well as voting rights at the Annual General...

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This is The Indie Story Week # 03 – An ongoing blog chronicling the development of Pawcho Saves the ABCs, a mobile game being developed by an independent Vancouver team that aims to teach young children how to write the alphabet. Last week we talked about mechanics, the building blocks of a game, and introduced our art style.

Video Game Design and Production is, as a whole, an extremely collaborative effort. Even small indie games require a varied skill set to create a unified vision for a game. Maintaining that cohesion through a lengthy and complicated design process is one of the hardest things to pull off as a group of developers. It’s not unsimilar to a band travelling across the country in a small tour bus, and has a similar effect of wanting to abandon your fellows at rather unsavory truck stops.

Coming into our third week of development on Pawcho, once the high concept and mechanics had been nailed down, it was time to talk about narrative. Quite a few...

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