Why has using a front flip never been used for high jump? [closed]


Warm up the muscles you'll be using to do a front flip, paying special attention to your ankles, hamstrings, calves, back, quadriceps, neck, and wrists. You can also use a wobble board to stretch out your ankles. Here are some great stretches that will help you warm up to do a front flip:



/5/57/Do a Front Flip Step 1 Version 3.360p.mp4

Stretch your wrists. Hold your hand out in front of you, like you're saying "stop," and gently pull your fingers back toward you. Stretch your ankles. Sit down and cross the ankle of one leg over the knee of the other and roll the ankle of the crossed leg. Switch and roll the other ankle. You can even spell out the alphabet with the foot of the rolled ankle if you like....
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I would like a mod that has a good front flip and back flip.... what's the best mod or mixture of mods for jumping I really like this jump but I can't fin it on nexxus fast-forward to 3:10 on video


What are you posting multiple topics about the same thing?

The mod you are thinking of is found using Google: Skyrim Acrobatic Jump or Skyrim Front Flip


You will probably also need FINS:

I know Google is really hard to use and all but...

cause no one will never answer me! That why! -_-

that isn't the same front flip in the video either i can't find it no where

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cause no one will never answer me! That why! -_-

Then I guess you're never going to get an answer on gamefaqs!

nah duh almighty bright one


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A Front Flip is a movement used in Freerunning and tricking. The term "Frontflip" can actually refer to several different types of flip, but always refers to a flip rotates forwards (not necessarily moving forwards; gainers are not considered frontflips whereas losers are). Front Flips have very little practical use in Parkour, but are commonly used Freerunners and Trickers.

Types of FrontflipEdit

Front tuck The most common variation. Preformed by jumping up, bringing the arms and body down while tucking the knees in tight. Can be used with a run up by blocking. Webster A frontflip off of one leg, using the other for upwards momentum (similar to an aerial). Front pike Similar to the front tuck, but with straight legs. It is more difficult that the front tuck and is usually used jumping off of something. Front layout One of the more difficult variations. The hips and knees are straight, and the back is arched. Wall front A frontflip is performed by pushing...
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What you call “front flip”, as many people do, is more correctly named “front tuck somersault”, a “somersault” being a jump with one or more flips of any kind. More rarely but also more expressively the same movement is called a “jump with a front tuck flip”.

If you consistently land on your butt you are making both the following errors:

1) “Cutting” the jump

By this I mean that you are preventing yourself from reaching the full height of your jump, by jumping forward instead of jumping upward.

Remember that your front flip is a somersault and, as such, it’s first and foremost a jump.

When people think of the front flip, they believe (consciously or unconsciously) that the rotational speed needed to perform the flip is introduced by pushing yourself forward with a great intensity. The rotational speed of tuck flip instead is generated only slightly when you start the rotation and it’s increased enormously by the act of tucking itself.


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Tricklining is probably the most popular form of slacklining – there are dozens of stunts to perform and the only thing you need is a simple slackline kit, no expensive equipment.

And what's great on this activity is that it is still fairly new, so new interesting tricks with attractive names are born every day and you can even create your own! Here you can find a huge list of them, with videos, pictures and tips, organized by their difficulty. (and in case you also do pogo jumping, we have a similar trick list as well ;-) Enjoy!

Beginner slackline tricks

These are the most basic slackline tricks you can encounter – easy to learn, so you can start practicing them as soon as you learn how to keep balance and walk.

I have chosen a balanced combination of walking, static and jumping tricks as well, so that you can quickly learn the basics and form a solid base for the more advanced stuff. So let's start!

Turn around


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“Blyat” is a Russian expletive translated as “bitch” or “whore” in English. Online, the term is often referenced by English speaking Counter-Strike players to mock the speech of Russian opponents in online matches.


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Published on May 13th, 2013 | by Jo...

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