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First of all, to a question like this - there are no correct answers. As we do not know what went through van Gaal's head, we can merely speculate. One reason could be that Cillessen hasn't saved a single penalty during his professional career, as a
Ms Galego said she asked the delegate to give the perpetrator of the sexist insult a warning “but it’s fair enough that he was expelled”. Spanish football has suffered a series of incidents involving abuse of referees and players on the grounds of th
In the beginings of soccer football formations were 2-3-5 and formations with few defenders and many fowards/strikers. Since most of the team were comitted to score goals than defending, and there were more space to play and less pressure from the pl
Not from a FIFA competition, but from the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN), the top African football competition for national teams, organised by CAF. The Togo national team suffered an attack - not on the field, but while travelling by bus. 3 dead (
The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final was a football match that took place on 13 July 2014 at the Maracan
1994 and before, World Cup semifinals often took place on the same day, so one team had only a few hours more preparation time than the other. When semifinals did not take place on the same day, the team with the extra rest day most often lost. Here
Ref awards penalty to Kashima in CWC semi after viewing video replay. Push off the ball by At Nacional defender — Gavin Hamilton (@WorldSoccerEd) December 14, 2016 #CWC2016 1st semi final – Atletico Nacional get a penalty via video-assistance vs Kash
Soccer is a sport involving 22 people kicking around a ball. That's essentially the entire concept. Because soccer is so simple, it requires almost nothing to get a game going