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Disclaimer: I head growth at Dribble, this was written by one of our Dribbler Bloggers, Mihnea Todosie. Since England have been woefully knocked out of ANOTHER tournament, I think it’s time to truly break England’s failures into 8 parts - this time f
OriginEdit The first club tournament to be billed as the "Football World Championship" was held in 1887, in which Scottish Cup champions Hibernian defeated English FA Cup semi-finalists Preston North End. [1] According to FIFA, the first attempt at c
England managed a 1-1 draw with the United States at the World Cup on Saturday. Having another talented player like Ryan Giggs of Wales or Darren Fletcher of Scotland might have made the difference in the match. Why does the United Kingdom field a te
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There are many possible endings to the campaign in Eador. While some are fairly straightforward, others may involve lengthy quests across multiple shards and have very specific requirements. Most of the endings are also missable, meaning that you may